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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 18

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My mind couldn’t help but pick the former. I ran like a jambite who’s late for exam just to catch up with them. I called her attention but she intentionally deafened up. I moved closer and tapped her on the shoulder.
“Kofo, are you deaf?” I angrily said. “Don’t you know I was calling you?”
“Young man, are you mad?” The unknown guy defended her. “Why shout on her?”
“David, please leave him alone.” Kofo said, “Let’s hear what he has to say. Am listening, talk.”
I shook my head in pity and said, “Kofo, you have the guts to talk to me like this?”
“How did I talk to you?” Kofo smirked and said. “Guess you have lost your manners and your very sense of reasoning. You slapped me yesterday and you’re here telling me nonsense. Perhaps, I thought someone gave you a message when you called yesterday. If you want a reminder, you will sure get one now.”
“Kofo, calm down please.” David said, turning her body to face him, just to calm her down.
“David, please leave me alone. Let me give him the word he needs to hear.” She furiously said, pushing herself away from him.
I stood like a pole, folded my arms staring at Kofo and her assistant boyfriend, David. If you’re so hungry to hear embarrassing words, then hurt a girl and act innocent thereafter. I was not as angry with Kofo with the way my anger indicated fire for David.
I’m not as handsome as Mr Nigeria but I am also not as ugly as David. I still wonder why Kofo would substitute me for ‘lepacious’ David. If truly Kofo has feelings for David, then it’s obviously not for his physical look but something concealed. I patiently stood still like a figurine to hear all she has to say.
“You slapped me with your dirty hands. I am not as cheap as you think.” She yelled. “Oh Oh Oh I get, because I never made you pass through hell was what gave you the effrontery to think I am cheap. You slapped me. Banji, you slapped me.”
David looked at Kofo, who held her cheek to portray her words and said, “Kofo, he slapped you?”
“Yes. He slapped me.”
“You mean this idiot standing here slapped you?” David asked with a furious tone, emphasizing on each word.
“Yes O. He slapped my face yesterday night. Yesterday night O.”
David shifted his focus to me while I fixed my eyes on him. He paused for some seconds, I still remained calm.
He moved closer to me and said, “You must be a fool to slap her.”
“David, No don’t go there.” Kofo defended. “I never said you should abuse him.”
“No No Kofo let me talk. He’s a fool to have slapped you.” He yelled again. “No cool guy slaps a lady.”
“You don’t have the right to call him a fool, not even because of me.”
I smile and walked away while they both were talking. I really don’t blame David, he is trying to be her super man. I was so pained and embarrassed. My head was bowed while walking back to the security office.
“Banji! Banji!” Kofo shouted my name to gain my attention but I didn’t look back. “MB! MB! MB!”
She bellowed my pet name, MB which means ‘My Bobo’, but my ears where already stuck with the whole heap of abuses. I walked faster to signal her not to try chasing after me. Kofo is another issue, let me shift to a more pressing issue, the murder case, I said to myself.
I got to the security office to see Mr Okanlawon in front of the entrance. I moved closer to him to restate my request.
“Erm Sir!” I said raising my index finger to explain the reason for my temporary exit.
“What?! Just go away, the CSO is not on seat.” He quickly interrupted to dismiss me.
“Sir Please. Am sorry for leaving without telling you.” I pleaded.
“You are not serious.” He said. “What do you want me to tell my Oga now? After he don commot to see you the first time.”
“Sir, am so sorry.”
“I can’t help you today agian o. Maybe you go come back tomorrow.”
“Erm Sir! I know about the death.” I was saying when Mr Okanlawon interrupted.
“You killed the student, abi?” He said with his eyes bulging out.
His bulging eyes alone got me so scared like a horror scene. I took to my heels as fast as I could when Mr Okanlawon went in to raise a false alarm about me killing the victims. I immediately experienced how the computer works in the real sense because I was running and thinking at the same time; I was multitasking. I was thinking of Buhari’s advice: Free advice Banji, don’t talk about the case o, else you will implicate yourself. It’s a murder case and the school won’t take it trivially.
I kept running like a man who has his important documents in a burning building. I instantly began to pray. I intensified the heat of my prayer when I heard the siren of the police van all around. It all looked like a film I watched recently, forty four minutes; a criminal being chased by the police.
I knew it was over when I heard loudly the siren of the police. It was so loud to deny how close they already were to me. I looked behind to confirm if my mind and my ears were still on good terms, horrifically they still were.


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