-My Life On Campus

Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 15

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I was about to flee again but I later realized it was a female secondary school student. I had thought it was Strike.
“Hello Sir. What is wrong?” the girl politely asked.
“Nothing. There’s nothing wrong.” I quickly replied.
“Why then did you sleep in front our school?”
“Your school?” I asked, standing up to check around.
The girl smiled as I checked all around to confirm if I did sleep there truly. My curiosity was satisfied when I saw the name of the school branded on the entrance gate.
“I woke you up so that other coming students won’t make a joke out of you” She cut in.
“Ha! You did this for me? Thank you so much. God bless you.” I said with a saturated eyes. “Please, what is your name?”
“Please Adaobi, how far is this place to the campus gate?” I asked because I was confused of where I was.
“It’s quite far from here but boarding a bike would be advisable.”
I wondered where Bayo and his useless gang transported me to. It must have been kilometers away from the campus. Getting to school is the main issue here, so I hurriedly checked my pocket for money that would at least convey me back to school. I paused after a while with my hands in my pocket and thought deeply where my wallet was. My pockets were as dry as Sahara, I had no money in them. My wallet must have been stolen or misplaced during the hassle. I sighed, turned around and was walking away.
“Hey Mr! Wait.” Adaobi called.
I sluggishly stopped without looking behind because I was so perturbed. Adaobi walked up to me. She faced and stretched out her arms towards me. I speculated on what message she was trying to get across to me by stretching her hand.
“Take it.” She said, “Get yourself to school.”
I collected it from her. It was five hundred naira. She really amazed me. A little girl that doesn’t know me from nowhere, shaded me away from disgrace and helped my wrecked financial state at the time. The least I could do for her was to give her my priceless customized wristband, that was given to me by Kofo on my birthday. I can’t but reward a nice gesture like hers. She took it from me and smile, opening her arms for a hug. I contemplated to hug her because she was so caring to be true. I could remember when I was at her age in secondary school, my parents warned me seriously about strangers. They had warned me never to collect anything from strangers nor heed to them when they look suspicious. Adaobi was a different student, so compassionate. I hugged her. I really felt loved once again after all the deadly stress.
“What’s your name?” She asked.
“Banji. I’m Banji”
She ran off because she was late already. I feasted my eyes on her until she finally vanished from my sight. I sighed and smiled. Adaobi’s picture formed on my mind as I walked to the main road to board a bike. I can compare her to a rose flower because of her heavenly fragrance. I can evaluate her with the lily because of her delicate, dainty appearance. Her well braided hair gave her a stunning African look. How I wished I could continue to live in the little Adaobi moment. Everyone should experience an Adaobi moment at least once in their life, I thought. I stopped a bike to transport me back to the the campus. The bike man took his time riding the bike at the exact speed limit specified. If I could swap anything or alter my life a little, I had swap my dream with my current life. They were outright opposites, all that I could have done in reality, I did in my dream; stupid me. My life were already in shambles, they were already falling before me. I alighted from the bike in front of the campus gate because motorcycles were not allowed to enter into the campus. I trekked the remaining distance to my hall. I was praying seriously as I walked.
“God would You please take this cup away from me and let me live.” I prayed like Jesus who was almost being crucified.
I felt guilty all the time I saw students gathered, because all that crossed my mind was Emeka and Chinedu’s death discussion would have championed that gathering. I took off with great speed when I saw some guys in my hall gathered, talking and arguing loudly.
“That guy is just so merciless. He killed all of them.” Someone said among the crowd.
“He is so dangerous.” Another added.
I had thought they were referring to me so I quickened my step and after a while started running. I became calm and halted running when I deliberated quickly and found out that the guys were discussing about yesterday’s football match. The champions league semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea, so Lionel Messi was the key discussion. I climb the stairs with a heavy heart. It took me minutes, what would have needed thirty five steps to conquer the stairs. I met my room opened wide like the gate to Jerusalem. I entered with caution and peeped at the two segments of the room; Mine and Emeka’s. After rapid check that no one was in the room, I bolted and rested my head on the door. I was pondering on what to do next when I felt a hand resting on my shoulder.


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