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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 14

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In a jiffy, I rose up hitting him very hard on his jaw with my knee. He groaned and fell flat on the floor, giving me the opportunity to pick his knife. I immediately attempted to stab him but he defended. I kicked him hard on his face and stabbed him deep inside his stomach. He screamed for help, I fled immediately. I actually don’t know where I was headed but I kept running as fast I could. I became very tired after running some meters away, so I decided to rest, in no time I snoozed off.
Dr Longe asked the whole class to submit their assignment to the class representative as he took his leave. I gladly submitted mine, it took me days and nights to finish the assignment. I saw Sade running to meet Dr Longe and I wondered what happened, so I decided to pass by and eavesdrop. Oh! She was explaining to Dr Longe why her assignment wasn’t with her and why she can’t submit. I bounced back to the class to pick up my bag and take a stroll to my hall. I never paid attention to Bayo who kept calling me from where he sat down, the back of the class. I can’t afford to reply him because of his wayward lifestyle. I had thought it’s better to be alone than to be in the wrong company.
I have two more lectures for the day but I decided to still take a break to my hall and return when its about to start. I walked magestically on the road as if it was constructed by my father, listening to cool blues. The lyrics of each song that played blew my mind beyond comprehension. I sang along with the song that played. I got to my hall, climbing the stairs one after the other until I got to the topmost floor where my room was. I could perceive the smell of Kofo’s perfume, Tony Montana. I shrugged off and shut the voice that kept telling me she was presently around. I became ill at ease when I heard erotic sounds protruding out of a room on my floor. I quickened my steps to my doorstep to be sure if am safe or my mind was actually correct about Kofo’s presence. That amatory sound hit me again, directly from my room. I still trusted my girlfriend not to be present in the room so I decided to knock. I waited for several minutes just for me to have access to my room, all because they wanted to be in order.
My roommate, Emeka, was sweating profusely even while he has a towel thrown around his neck. I entered the room and peeped at Emeka’s corner, only to meet the shock of my life, Sister Grace. She has been Emeka’s exercise instructor all the while I was outside. I made light of the situation by sticking solely to my business; It’s her body and not mine. I opened my cupboard and made myself something to eat. I ate, rested, and took off for my remaining lectures. I strolled back to my class because I still have spare time left before the lecture will commence. I arrived some minutes before the class started so I went through my course notes. Alas! We had a test. Thank goodness, I luckily prepared for it; exactly what I read was set as the test. Some of my course mates frowned out of the class while some were smiling just like I did. I was so happy to go to my hall when the class representative announced that the last lecture wasn’t holding. I walked along the veranda of the department just to greet Mrs Nwachukwu who was standing in front of her office. I greeted and pass by her. She called me when I was almost getting to the end of the veranda. I moved quickly to meet her, she ushered me into her office. She advised me as a mother to keep up my good attitude and not join any unprofitable group. She dismissed me. I walked a little ahead and met Sade, who was about going to meet Mrs Nwachukwu for moral advice as she openly explained to me; Mrs Nwachukwu is our school mother.
I set off quickly to my hall. My phone alerted me for an incoming message from Kofo. I read and discovered she was waiting for me in my room. I rushed quickly to my hall with joy. I conquered the stairs within seconds to arrive at my floor. Not again, hearing the same erotic sound? I wondered if its now a welcome sound for me anytime I arrive my floor. I moved quickly to my doorstep just as I did earlier. I wasn’t disappointed to know it came from my room. I paused and dialed Kofo’s number that happens to be switched off. I was relaxed because I trust her. I was about knocking when Kofo opened the door. I hugged her and she hugged back more tightly. She prevented me from entering the room, pulled me aside and told me what I already know. She said my roommate is a womanizer.
“It’s daybreak, Mr!” I heard faintly.
I laughed out loud and replied Kofo, “I know.”
Ooooouch! I held my cheek with my left hand while trying to prevent the rays from the sun with my right. I felt so pained on my cheek, I must have been slapped more than once. My eyes were still dizzy though. I realized that I had been dreaming all the while. With my heavy eyes, I looked at the fellow who had maliciously slapped me and still has the guts to stand in front of me. I thought I had escaped. I was completely stunned when I realized the person’s hair was plaited.



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