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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 12

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The school security men are designated at different halls of residence. They start their patrol late hours of the night to ensure peace. The bad guys kept moving and never looked back. That was a different story for me because I looked behind to check on the security men, who were moving fast to catch up with us. I was so terrified. My heart might have been harden today but not to the extent of been rusticated. My father will kill me, I thought and murmured to myself.

“Hey! You students! I say stop there now!” They shouted again, flashing their touch to us.

This guys were so confident of themselves, they kept moving. I thought to retreat to surrender myself to the security men but I quickly changed my mind because the torture of confession would be worst than I can imagine.

“Bayo, who be this zombie tailing us?” Strike asked.

“Na my friend o.” Bayo replied. “The one wey dey gbege with me.”

“Ok! Hope sey he don ready?”

Ready? Ready for what? I let my mind search for the answer. Ready to run? Ready to kill? Ready for what? Oh, ready to be a member of their gang. Oops! Now am in soup because I can see myself bidding morality goodbye.

“Baba, he don ready.” Bayo ignorantly affirmed.

The security men started running towards us and that got me totally frenzy. I alerted the whole gang. They stopped and turned around to face the harmless security men doing their duty. The gang lined up extended with their dangerous weapon visible enough for the security men to observe. They slung guns like AK-47, SMG and FN rifle around their neck. I joined the line without any weapon just to feel among, my physique helped blend me a little. I couldn’t laugh when I saw the old men running for their dear lives.

“Baba Iyabo Oooo!” A security man screamed has they ran.

“Let’s go.” Strike said.

Seeing that the security men has fled, I thought to go my way. I planned to reduce my steps behind the gang then after I will elude. I never knew that Strike was not ordinary. I executed my plan little by little until the very last. The gang had gone farther enough for me to escape, then I turned around to run and I blacked out immediately. Strike appeared before me. I never knew what happened after then till date. I found myself in an unknown destination, I guess a cave. I was clenched to a tree without leaves on it. I looked around and couldn’t find anyone at the time. I was pushed to shout for help but I restrained not to alert them. It was very dark and cold. I was so troubled that tears dribbled down my cheeks. I hated myself. I learnt a haunting lesson that day, that one’s life can be tweaked for the worst or the best in a second. I ruminated. I thought of my mum, a tailor who worked like a machine just to pay her quota of my school fees. My dad, a plumber pays half while my mum pays the other. One day I got to her shop, only to see two women snarling at my mum. I stood aside with my mouth sealed to get the details of the drama; nobody yells at my mum and goes free.

“Pay the money Ooo!” Iya Kudi shouted at my mum, clapping at her.

“She sabi borrow but to pay na wahala.” Sisi Nene added.

I now got a clue that my mum lent some money from them but I wasn’t sure why she did. I couldn’t exercise patience any longer, seeing Sisi Nene of yesterday, bold enough to talk to my mum. Nene, popular known as Sisi Nene because of her slim body shape, is in her early or mid twenties. She has been in my black book since before this very day because of her tacky dirty hairstyles; none of my business but she happened to be there. I felt like slapping her but I held my vibrating hand back when my mum began to speak.

“Iya Kudi e ma binu. Owo school Banji ni mo fi san.” She pleaded, which means ‘Iya Kudi don’t be angry. I used it to pay Banji’s institution fee.’

I was just about starting my first year in school, so my mother went as far as borrowing for me to be a notable person in life. My eyes were already saturated with tears. I was moved to join in begging for mercy but my ego drew me back because of Sisi Nene.

“Mummy tailor, when you go come pay?” Sisi Nene questioned standing at akimbo, facing another direction, frowning her face.

“Abi o. At least we don pardon you for now.” Iya Kudi added and asked, “when make we come back?”

My mother sighed and thought for a while. I was furiously looking at Sisi Nene and tubby Iya Kudi while she thought.

“I will pay you next week” My mum replied.

“Committee no go hear story next week o. Hian!” Iya Kudi said, pulling her big dirty ear to demonstrate how important it was.

Sisi Nene and Iya Kudi both rolled out of my mother’s shop. My mum sorrowfully sat down with tears trickling from her eyes. I sluggishly shifted close to her, I coiled my hand around her and comforted her. She was so pained. I have never seen my mum weep before, she did because of me.

Screeeeeeeeech!!! Craaaaaaaaash! A car accident occurred few meters away.


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