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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 11

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I quickly stood up to be current about the latest action. The four of us were still up on our feet. I was sure about Emeka because he was standing just beside me. I looked at Bayo and he quite has this ‘what did I do’ look on his face. In a flash, Chinedu dropped on the floor. Emeka rushed to Chinedu. Bayo accidentally shot him on the chest. Chinedu was floating in the pool of his own blood. I wished I was dreaming. I foolishly bit myself on the hand to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. I wasn’t. Emeka kneelt beside Chinedu crying bitterly. I looked at Bayo with pity.

“Bayo! Kilode na?” I shockingly asked, which means ‘Bayo! What happened.’

Bayo was dumbfounded. Emeka stood up after realizing that Chinedu won’t be revived even if he kept crying.

“You will definitely pay for this.” Emeka furiously said, “you won’t escape it.”

He moved closer to sorrowed Bayo and shoved him against his wardrobe. He cruelly gazed at Bayo. I noticed the pistol was still in Bayo’s hand. I prayed so silently loud that Bayo won’t do anything stupid again. My prayer was answered in a tick, Emeka released Bayo. Emeka gazed once again at lifeless Chinedu then he decided to take his leave. POW! Jeeeeeeeez! Emeka down. Now I really felt like dying myself. I have never seen a fresh dead person before but that night, I saw two. Bayo shot Emeka. I rushed to my roommate, who is still gasping for life.

“Banji! Banji! What did I do?” Emeka lethargically said.

“Emeka! I am sorry!” I yelled, holding him tight with tears in my eyes.

Emeka became very cold in my arms and I perceived he is gone. I released my arms around him and he dropped dead on the floor. I was so pained. The fear of death vanished totally from my subconscious. I had it in mind to battle Bayo or even kill him as he killed these two. I turned around to face Bayo only to see him targeting the gun at me.

“Bayo are you mad?” I fearfully said. “I guess you are.”

“Banji, don’t joke with me here.” He said moving closer to me.

“Bayo, don’t let the devil use you completely.”

“He had better use me completely.” He replied, “the devil should better complete what he started.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! A rapid and continuous knock on the door. I could sense that we are in trouble. We both panicked. We became friends for the moment.

“Banji, wetin we go do?” Bayo came closer and gracefully asked me.

“I no know o.” I said and shrugged.

Bang! Bang! The stranger banged the door again. That sent a message of trouble to me. Could it be Usman? I asked myself.

“Who be that sef?” Bayo yelled.

“Na us!”

“Who be us?” Bayo questioned. “Us no get name?”

“Open the door!”

Now we were both so sure that students are aware of the gun shots. We could hear them talk. We were both confused of what to do. Bayo decided to call someone. I didn’t really know who he was calling at the time.

“Strike! Strike! Na me. I dey one big gbege for my room. Abeg come commot me from here.” Bayo conversed over the phone. “Full attack abeg.”

He dropped the call and I wondered who he called. The words in his conversation were so dangerous. First, I thought, is ‘Strike’ someone’s name? Or is it the real definition in its sense? I was so troubled. I felt am in more problem than I am.

“Bayo, please are we safe?”

“Who are the we?”

“Bayo, please don’t do this to me.” I pleaded, went fast on my knees.

“I will help you on one condition.” He said with a frown on his face.

“I am ready to do anything please.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! It now became a riot bang. They used objects to hit the door, trying to force it open. I started shaking like a slaughtered goat. I was praying instantly. I thought of calling someone but who could I call, my mum? What will I tell her? They were almost breaking in because one out of the two hinges that held the door flew out of its position.

POW! POW! POW! Gun shots. This time around, it came externally. I was almost fainting while Bayo jumped up with joy. This guy is a demon, I almost said.

“Awon temi ti de!” Bayo shouted ecstatic, which means ‘my guys have arrived.’

Bayo gladly opened the door, knowing fully well the rioters would have fled. I wasn’t sure about the number of hefty looking guys that entered his room, but I could count seven; my mind wasn’t settled for that. I thought Chinedu reincarnated because he has quite the same physique with these guys, I checked and found him still lifeless on the floor. I can’t but notice an extremely short fellow chatting with Bayo at a corner of the room. He looks old to be a student. He even has his hair plaited. I guess he is the so called Strike.

“Guys carry these specimens and let’s move!” Strike commanded the giants.

Wait a minute, who are the specimen? Oops, dead Chinedu and my roommate. They heaped them up on their shoulders like bag of cement and forged out of the room. I followed them behind like a strolling dog.

“Hey!!! Stop there!” The school security men shouted from afar.


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