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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 10

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Now my heart is almost popping out because I have a strong belief that it was Emeka. Bayo moved towards the door to open it but I stood up as if fire fell on me to hinder him.

“Bayo jo ma si.” I pleaded, which means ‘Bayo please don’t open it.’

“Why na?” He questioned.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The unknown fellow banged the door again. Bayo was now suspicious about the whole thing. Bayo hurried to his wardrobe to pick a metal black object. I never knew it was a pistol until he cocked it. I have never seen a pistol this close in my life, excluding the ones I stare at with the police. What’s Bayo doing with a pistol? I questioned my wobbly mind. I reserve the question for a later time. I became so relaxed after been assured of maximum protection.

“Who be that?” Bayo roared.

“Abeg na me.”

“You. Who?”


Bayo hid the pistol in his pocket after validating the stranger. Usman is Bayo’s neighbour. He is so fond of begging, especially petty things. He is a miser as well. He hardly can give but receives.

“Usman, wetin happen?” Bayo interrogated.

“Abeg, you get sugar?”

We laughed so loudly when he replied. This mallam risked his life because of sugar.

“Aboki, so na because of sugar you wan come break my door?”

“Bayo, abeg no vex.”

“Aboki, I no get sugar.” Bayo dismissed him.

Usman left. Bayo went back to his wardrobe and hid the gun. I installed my eyes on him all through. He turned around to notice that I was interested in knowing about the gun.

“The pistol?” He asked.

“Yes. Tell me.”

“Do you need one?”

“Tell me about the pistol.” I pressured, “I never asked for one.”

“I got it from …” Bayo was talking.

Bang! Another knock on the door. Now it’s becoming more scary. I thought I found safety, but I was wrong; Bayo’s room is worst than facing Emeka with a cutlass in his hand. I looked at Bayo who was already looking at me.

“Who you be?” Bayo yelled.

“Nna Bayo, na me. Chinedu.”

Bayo giggled and said, “Omo Igbo! Iwo ni,” which means ‘Igbo boy, it’s you.’

Chinedu is Bayo’s roommate. He is a macho man. He has this scary deep voice like a lion. I noticed he wasn’t alone outside because I could hear him converse with someone. Bayo open the door. I was bolted from the blue when I saw Emeka with Chinedu.

I black out immediately. Bayo was still busy greeting his roommate while me and my roommate were ready for war. Emeka moved closer to me. I shifted backwards as he moved closer and closer. Bayo and Chinedu wondered what’s going on.

“Wetin dey happen na, Emeka?” Bayo interrogated.

Emeka deliberately deafened himself to Bayo. He moved closer to me. Bayo moved closer to him and pulled him backwards by the shoulder. Emeka angrily punched him on the face. Bayo fell down flat on the floor holding his face with his palm. Chinedu, I guess has been hinted by Emeka on the current issue between us. They both walked towards me; it appeared like a slow motion to me. I had my heart in my hands already. Their face were becoming more scarier. Suddenly I had a feeling that I can actually defeat Emeka but the feeling died in a jiffy when I saw Chinedu’s muscles.

“Na only you get power abi?” Chinedu said, hitting his right fist on his left palm.

“The bastard blow blow my jaw commot.” Emeka furiously added. “Bastard!”

“Emeka, abeg.” I pleaded, almost crying. “It’s not like that.”

Bang! Bang! Someone knocks at the door. Emeka and Chinedu turned around distracted.

“Who the hell is that?” Chinedu yelled.

“Na Usman.”

“Mallam wetin you want?”

“Abeg, my garri don finish.”

“Ehn Ehn. Wetin make I do?” Chinedu attacked. “Commot for there before I descend on you.”

As Emeka turned around to my direction, I dazed him with a punch on his face. Chinedu received his share when he turned around at the groan of Emeka. Bayo stood up quickly and it became a battle of two on two. I went for Emeka, my roommate while Bayo took on his roommate, Chinedu. I was ready to kill. I lost all my morals; Daddy and Mummy’s words of admonition evaporated. My fist were tight and hard. Emeka showed his local traditional fighting skill. He cunningly went beneath me and raised me up like a tournament trophy. I blew his head rapidly to change his mind about slamming me on the floor. He slammed my back on the floor, my spine communicated immediately to my brain. I couldn’t move. I find it arduous to breathe. Emeka joined Chinedu to beat already wounded Bayo. I pretended to be so weak and helpless; actually I was. Bayo struggled. He weaved all the punches thrown by these two monsters. He was beaten all around the room. He muddled through somehow to his wardrobe. Emeka kicked me on the face after he realized I was regaining strength. POW! Gunshot. Dead silence. Who shot? Who’s the victim?


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