-My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy (Season 2)… Part 4

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Three, read it HERE!!!

Got to krissh’s domot in no time, met him in the lIving rooM flexing with a bae, i wasn’t suprised, good radiance to bad rubbish. Everytime girls!! Na only him waka come.
I walked him and gave him a lets talk look. He got the message i was trying to pass across, he took his bae to his room and came back to me at the living room.

Krissh : ife how far?

Me : i’m gentle o

Krissh : why the face?

Me : guy i need your help with payment stuff. Lost the contact of the guy who helps me with it in ib.

Krissh : How much does the guy charge you?

Me : 20% of the amount am getting

Krissh : that’s much

Me : yeah, but at least it’s something

Krissh : well i could help you set up your own medium of payment in minutes.

Me : ya! that’s what am talking about.
That’s why am here. My maga iz ready to bill up

Krissh : Oh it’s a sharp sharp thing

Me : yeah o

Krissh : have you heard of token?

Me : nope

Krissh : chai you are really a learner

Me : anyhow unlearn me

Krissh : okay give me few minutes to clear this bae.

He went in, i was busy on my pc. 1 hour passed by krissh waa yet to show up. Is this guy mad, few minutes is becoming few hours.
30 minutes later he came out putting on singlet and Boxers hand in hand with the bae , she was fully dressed, in my mind i knew this foolish guy had choosen Kittycat over helping me, Am sure he just finished a match with the way he was sweating.
He walkes the girl out and came back to me..

Krissh : ife can you spend your night here, so we can do it at night, right now, i am tired faa.
Me : ypu dey craze faa. You askes for few minutes, you spent few hours, can’t you just control yourself?
Krissh : guy you can’t understand, can’t let such a big fish get off the hook like that.
Me : you are high, so now after waiting endlessly , you want to post me fa, that ain’t happening o, let’s get to business.
Krissh : lolz no vex now, the girl was a machine, she was going non stop mehn.
Me : quit telling me your story abeg

Krissh : okay let me drink some extra joss, so i could have a enough energy.
He went to his fridge and brought two bottles of extra joss with two glass cup. He let him drink to his satisfaction but i joined him.
Krissh : ok now, let’s get down to business.
He made a skype call to his friend who i suppose to be a yy also but stays abroad. He told the guy to get him an Account, the guy did sharply, and we create like two more accounts, one in south africa, another in malaysia, so we had full access to the accounts. He then told me once a payment had been made to the first Account which was in uk, i should transfer it to the 2nd Account then 3rd then 4th. I should then go cash it via western money via my Account.

Sharply i put that into test, billed up my maga that was online, the white nigga was forming had to get , i sent two Unclad pictures of the girl i was faking to be, to him. and gave him my perfect format, He concured straight up, i send my account details to him, and thanks to mobile banking , he transfer the money into my account. I didn’t waste time, i wired it through the 4 accounts, and made a transfer from my malaysia account, so i got the money in naira. As in no stress at all.

Me : krissh maga don pay shout halleluyah

Krissh : oya ife toh sure. Lets celebrate now

Hmmmn i’ve learnt my lesson from my previous lifestyle in ib, tryibg no to spend wastefully but this a first payment in a long time. It’s worth celebrating tho codedly.

Krissh and high headed for time out.
We were dancing with girls, Drinking and popping champagne, krissh was literally high, he even paid for all the expenses. We went back to his domot I was with a girl, and krissh two girls. I rushed my bae to krissh’s second room. And played a tactical, breathe taking match With her.

She got tired oh, and i was still full of energy, chai frustration, i guess it’s the work of that extra joss we took earlier, hmmmn no wonder krissh took two girls along, he Must have known the effect of the drink.

I masturbated a little and slept off
Hmmmn what a wonderful night

To Be Continued…

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