-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 20

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Nineteen, read it HERE!!!

PLEASE NOTE: This story was in no way written to promote fraudulent activities or a lifestyle of vanity, rather it was inspired by the urge to entertain and enlighten the youths and society at large on the perils of the get-rich-quick syndrome and to promote a reading culture.

So please, stop the “I want to learn yahoo” Calls

I packed my things , and started living with bosun and krissh. I was making my doe steadily neither did theirs stop. So we were the (YMCMB) young money cash money bank of our hood.

We rode posh cars, dated frosh babes,I was getting very socially inclined thanks to those two guys, I made a lot of friends and my physical rapour with girls improved.

I hardly had time with the mayes anylonger, I just dedicate 3hours to them out of 24hrs in a day. I do runs only for thos 3hours. More money kept boozing in my account.
The remain hours of the day, I do spend it clubbing, watching movies, flexing with babes.
Mehn Life Is Good! God purnish poverty.

One a certain day I got a call from bro ola, I then remember have neglected the bro all this while, wealth really does get into someone’s head. Its the fifth month after my first huge payment already.

Me : hello surest bros

Bro ola : you are high! You forgot me all this while not even a call hun

Me : bros no vex jawe, just been to busy

Bro ola : busy doing what o ?

Me : hustling nani bro, are you back ?

Bro ola : yeah ofcourse I landed yesterday, and that begs the reason am calling you

Me : what that bro ?

Bro ola : I heard you are the one reigning now

Me : ah bro , reign ke, hustle sure pass

Bro ola : anyhow , I need my pc now, gat to start hustling at least you don blow now, you should have bought yours

#gbam, it’s happening, it was on his system I did the richness parol on, if I give him back the system, then I’d be saying good by to wealth, nope ain,t gonna do that, I quickly framed up a lie.

Me : egbon the pc has gone back to where it came from oh

Bro ola : what do you mean ?

Me : it got spoilt and it was un repairable so I sold it in scrabs to the engineer involved.

Bro ola : oh boy , you dey craze sha, you sold off my pc with our my permission

Me : bro no vex, I thought you would have gotten another, I would get you a new one then bros

Bro ola : now you want to start lashing your wealth on my face abi ?

Me : bro don’t see it as such, am just paying for what I spoiled

Bro ola : no qualms, where do you live now, coz have checked you up at your place and they said you ain’t living there any more.

Me : Around GRA bro, I would text you the description.

Bro ola : okay I would visit you by tomorrow evening
(Hangs up)

Hmmmn thanked my stars , my brain was working sharply, he bought the lie

To Be Continued…

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