-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 19

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Eighteen, read it HERE!!!

At last the bastard woke up around 10 a.m, we then went to the Alfa’s house together. We met Alfa on the matter when we got there.

Me : Good day sir, I did check On you earlier but you weren’t back from Mosque yet

Alfa : oh Yeah my wife told me, well now is the right time [we had our sit and he hands over my system to me] take it, all the process have ended.

Me : OK sir, is that all

Alfa : that’s all, you can start making your money, don’t forget to ffo the needful, mind you what I just did for you can only be done for a person once in his lifetime, so don’t misuse it.

I settled the Alfa with 7k,
With joy I ran out and headed to G. R. A. Couldn’t wait to start my hustle.

Immediately I got there, sat down, swtiched on the Pc, connected my modem, logged into my various accounts.

The first I checked was my legit facebook account, legit as in not for scamming but i have white ladies I dated there, it waa my normal facebook account.

Saw one message, clicked it.
It was Mrs wellingthon message I saw.
Mrs wellingthon was a Single mother I met on one of those sites I can’t remember, she posted on her status then that she’s interested in black dudes, that’s how I added her on my fb, one thing led to another and we started e-dating, I do bill her ocassionally but she never oblige.

The message I saw was about her asking where have been that I didn’t login for a while, pointing out she missed me.

I was about replying when I noticed the green color in front of her name, so she’s even online, I replied her and we started chatting, it got to a point our Chats took a new dimension, the chats goes thus :

Miss wellingthon [I call her miss well for typing sake] Miss well : can you make it to U.K this summer?

Me : If that’s a joke you had better stop it

Miss well : am serious, can you?

Me : I wish i could but am financially broke

Miss well : No problem dear, I would bear the expenses

Me : are you for real?

Miss well : Yeah that’s not to much to do for you

Me : Okay and hope your kids won’t mind?

Miss well : I raised them well, they ain’t raiscist, send me your details I would transfer to your account before the end of the day.

Me : how much are you transfering?

Miss well : not telling! I want it to be shock to you when you get the alert

Shio mugu like I would ever go and meet her, lo and behold she sent the money, it was really above my expectation, that was my first huge payment.

Through it that week mehn my maye’s really responded in terms of money. I was like “where were they all this while.?

To be continued…

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