-My Life As A Yahoo Boy

Must Read: My Life As A Yahoo Boy… Part 18

This is a story Written By Tz Iphekitan (Whatsapp >> 09034368823)… If you missed part Seventeen, read it HERE!!!

Day after day I waited anxiously, the three days were like three years to me. I just can’t wait to be rich!
I wished I could have a time remote, so I could fast forward the present day to the next three days.

While waiting I was mapping out plans, things I would do when the money has arrived. Firstly i knew my parents would be inquisitive of my wealth, so I planned on packing out but what would be my excuse, I mapped out a lie that have found a job with 7up and they gave me an apartment in the company. My parents bought the idea anyways, but am OK with that, I can’t eventually tell them am a YY guy.

Next on my plan, I decided I would move in with bosun and krissh pending the time I would have gathered enough money to be living alone. Am sure they would glady allow me to live with them.

I also planned on asking “my crush” out. I knew from experience as an e-dater that when a guy has money the rest is little, the girl would give an instant yes.
I also planned on getting a rangey, but could manage an evil spirit pending the moment I would have enough doe to purchase a rangey.

The long awaited day arrived, I woked up 5 a.m on dot. It was like my body was programmed to wake at that moment.
I remembered the last time I woke up around five were during my secondary school days.

I checked my mails sharply, and there was nothing new. I had a quick bath and dressed to head out.
I called krissh countlessly but he wasn’t picking up so I decided to go alone to the Alfa’s place.

Got to Alfa’s compound saw a woman by the well but ignored her and aimed for the door.

Woman : bros come back here, where are u going to?

Me : good morning, am here to see Alfa

Woman : [clapping her hands] like you didn’t see me here before you headed for the door, anyways Alfa isn’t around.

Me : where has he gone to MA?

Woman : what’s your relationship with him

Me : business oriented ma

Woman : have you called him?

Me : I don’t have his number MA.

Woman : Okay, am his Wife, Alfa has gone to the Mosque for early morning prayers. He would be back soon.

Me : OK ma, can I go in to wait for him?

Woman : No mister, I don’t allow strangers with your type of story to come, who knows if you are telling a lie.
If you want to wait, you are free to wait outside the gate

Mehn this woman is too mean. I just retraced my steps out of the premises and headed for G.R.A.
Called krissh again along the line, he was yet to pick up, i guessed he his yet to wake, so I decided to call bosun thereafter and the call pulled through.

Me : Hello bosun, good morning

B.B : oh boy, you dreamt of me?, how come you calling me this early

Me : forget that jur, am almost at your house, have been Calling krissh since, he wasn’t picking up.

B.B : ooops he must have over slept due to the match he had overnight, the moaning of the girl involved was also disturbing to me hearing,since the girl’s ringtone was that high, I guess krissh must have done it with all his strength.

Me : shio cassanova oshi. I pray girls won’t kill him.

Got to there place in no time, lo and behold I still met krissh sleeping beside his olosho.

To be continued…

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