-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 9

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We were jez laffin over some stuffs wen my mum came into the room, with a laundry basket in her hand, i stood up to get it from her, heading out of the room, to place it where it was supposed to be, when she drew me back ”wait, Alhaja kids are coming tommorrow and they will be spending two days, ke comport ara yin o (comport urselves)”.

Immediately she left, everyone except my elder brother jumped for joy, he was busy laughing at our immaturity, especially when we started sharing them (the kids).
One of them was 18, a gal in my elder sister’s age group, so that one was for her. Their last born was jez 12, a year older than my
younger brother. The eldest one was 21, he obviously wasnt in my age group, but d thought of how well i’ve worked with older guys consoled me..

I grinned at the thought that the guy and i were gonna be close, trust me i’d make him forget about the age, somfin i’m really good at, i said to myself as inaudible as i could be ”omo, na bleeping tinz o!”

The house was full by the next day, they came around 12pm and we all got talking. The rest of them had good pple to deal with but my match was a hard type, he was not a man of many words, how I hate pple like that. Looking away at the fact that his behaviour was a turn off, he was good lookin jhoor, maybe dat was y he was forming for me, but me self i try na. I was watching him with just as much concentration he was watchin d fotball match on d tv screen with, expecting him to talk, when he left the sitting room to recieve a call. I quickly stood up from where i was and scattered the tv settings, i tuned it to another channel and i sat back where I was, lookin as innocent as a five year old.

He came back in, a couple of minutes later, staring at d tv screen like he could see himself in it, i tried not to smile but i couldnt. ”so, what if its not funny, ehn?”

“whats my own na, d tv set itself, set it back na” i said smiling.

He collapsed back into the chair, with the remote in his hand. Sitting where i was i knew i had to scatter his head

”so how do i set it back?” he asked, i made the right move by sayin ”press that ‘next’ button, then the next three buttons, u will na press that green and the yellow buttons together” i said with a wicked laugh, he gave me the ‘wtf!’ look and said ”oya, come an do it” i smiled at myself nd said almost silently ”mehn! u b sure babe o!”. I stood up majestically and sat where he did, i moved as close as possible and held his hands with the remote in it and talked into his ear ”next time just press this, okay?” he pressed the button and said quietly ”thanks”, i gently placed my right hand on his laps and started carressing it, he looked away and i could see he was uncomfortable, i brought up my hand to his chest and was about moving my lips towards him, when he stood up in haste, i could see the buldge in his trouser, he rushed straight upstairs. I laughed out loud and said
mockingly ”werey, na otondo u be sef, c person wey i wan manage o, mtchheeww”.
And with enough confidence i smiled to myself ”i’ve started it, i’ll surely see it to the end”


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