-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 7

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I couldnt help but smile when i saw myself covered up in sweat, coz funny enough the sweat wasnt mine, it was his..

After we got dressed, i walked him to the door and watched him leave, there was just something about him that turned me on, it couldnt be his physique, i’ve dealt with finer-men, but before i got all ‘lovey-dovey’ i quickly shut my heart against him. I’ve learnt a long time ago, not to ever get emotional with any of my dogs, coz thats simply the rule of the game.

The day after, the school was busy, different rides coming in to pick the students. I knew i was not gonna leave early, coz my housemistress had informed me earlier that my mum said she was coming in the evening, as she had some things to attend to..

For the one millionth time that day i said ‘bye-bye’ to the girls, they sure were gonna miss me and the adventures i put them into.. “dont worry na, its jez a week, i’m gonna miss u though, and awl keep record of the number of
matches, u hear?” she said, when she noticed how watery my eyes were. I knew i shouldnt say anything, coz if i did i’d burst into tears. Yea! daht was how emotional i was. I waved at her and turned to leave, when i bumped into Desmond.

“oh Desmond!” i yelled

“sorry dear, u good?” he replied.

“yea, its okay, what re u doing here?”

“came to see u”

“what’s up?” i asked and sharparly added ”i’ll be leaving in a couple of hours, will miss u tho”

“yea, me too. But are u gonna leave just like that?”

“well, yea! or am i supposed to do something?”

“hnnmmm, not really, i was just thinking we
could,,,errmm,, make out before u go or
something…” scratching his head stupidly.

“ahh, u re thinking we should make out?
sweetheart, u re such a joke!” i said angrily, and turned to walk away.

“ok, ok! i guess a confession has to be made to the principal then!” he yelled behind me i immediately turned back, ran after him and grabbed his right arm ”bros come, bros come! u no dey sabi joke ni? na play na! ahbba!” i said with a loud fake laugh ”come back in an hour time i’d be set for u by then” i whispered into his ears..

As i watched him go, i let out a wicked smile and murmurred ”u know not who u re messing with, bastard!”

He came back after a short while, he went straight to my room, and i followed some minutes later, incase someone was watching.
I entered the room and sat on the bed, he sat infront of me, seperated my legs and brought himself closer. He kissed me on my forehead and brought his hot tongue straight to my lips, we were locked for a while, den he brought down his tongue to my neck, he pushed me to lie flat with my back and laid on me with his full weight. He brought down his lusty eyes to my chest and unbottened my cloth, which revealed my bare, full bosom. He started sucking one and was squeezing the other one with his hand. I took my hand down to release his already swollen prick, i held it firmly, to know the size ”not bad” i thought to myself. I put my hand in my wet and warm thing, and put it back on his own thing to lubricate it, i started stroking it gently and after a while i inserted it into my puzssy, i involuntarily removed it after i felt a jerky sensation. I inserted it back this time with a loud moan, and he started gliding and riding on me, we were seriously heated..

And in Wizkid’s voice, i said softly ”yes, i’m feeling it”.


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