-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 6

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I got up and stood right infront of him, i slowly bent down facing him and seperated his laps, which i gently bought down my Bottom to, i started rocking him just that way with my waist, moving in a slow circular motion. I stood upright to remove my gown, after that, i raised up a leg and bought my foot to the middle of his seperated legs. He stood up rapidly and said in a shaking voice”eerrm, i have to go now”, ”c dis wey i won giv oshofree still dey yarn rubbish” i murmurred.
I pushed him to the wall, by then his ‘big mr juicy’ had resurrected already. I went down low, nd freed his ‘almighty shakabulah”, i held its base and started with the cap of his pennnis, while tampering with his balls, i licked the tip of his dicck over again, while rubbing its base, then i went into full action, having his whole dick in my mouth, he kept on jerking his waist while i continued shaking my head, sucking everything suckable. He was groaning and moaning out loud already, when the door flung open. In a microsecond, i thought to myself ”be lo she maje”.

As a sharp girl, i removed his diick from my mouth, stuck it back into his pant and rapidly zipped up his trouser. Still not looking back, i asked ”maybe i should get u a safety pin, hun?” he was still looking like a dummy when the voice at my back said ”olosho oshi, na me oo, bfore u poo for body” as i heard the voice i bursted into laughter, with my right hand on my chest ”wèré! u no sabi knock ni? c d way u wan take spoil show for person now, abeg commot bfore i knack u” i said, she just laughed and left the room..

“who was that?” he asked.”

Presh, one of my girls”,

“what girls?”,

“neva mind, lets just get back to it” i replied

“to what”,

“to ‘it’, ofcourse!”,

”i’m sorry, i have to leave, bfore they start lookin for us” he said,

i checked the time, nd we still had 30 minutes to go
”u re goin nowhere, pls!” i said

“but i lost the mood already”,

”dont worry we’ll find it!”i replied..

I pushed him to the bed and sat on his waist, took my mouth to his and we started kissing, like a thirsty dog, he kept sucking my tongue,tlike there was sugar in it, he sat right and placed me to a position, that brought me straight up, he removed the gown from under and i was left with just my lingerie on. He battled with my bra for a couple of seconds and slowly bought down my thin panty.

I was kneeling with my both legs over his waist. He bought his middle finger to my hole and started stroking it slowly, it became a little faster after a while, then he put three fingers into my warm wet thing at once, which made me moan aloud, he started screwing me like that, slowly at first, then he increased the pace. he carried me, and placed my in another position, this time, i was on all fours, he stood up from the bed and stood on the floor, bending his back a litle, he bent down low and brought his tongue to my ‘thing’ “poo! lord!” i groaned, he started sucking at first and started licking heavily with his hot tongue. He stood up again and inserted his ‘gongola’ into my hole and started screwing again. We were formally on a slow beat, before the tempo incresed, i was shaking back and forth with one of my bosom bouncing hard, and the other one was being squeezed by one of his hands. I started saying all kinds of nonsense
like ”ooh, haa, god, satan, poo, Bleep, yeehh” and he kept on replying ”yea!”..

It went on and on for some minutes, then i
came, and he did, and that was the end of


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