-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 5

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I shut my eyes for a second and flung it wide open again, a lot of eyes were on me, i had to run out of the class, before they started asking questions..

Faster than Usain Bolt, i ran out of the senior block and headed for the principal’s office, i knew i had no time to waste. In few seconds, i got to the reception, but i knew i couldnt go there breathing like a dog, so i took in some air, and gently walked in..

The receptionist welcomed me with a big grin, that bought out the beauty of her dimples. I smiled back in return and softly said ”I was asked to pass a message across to the principal by the school counsellor ma”, she gave me a sheet to write something that seemed like a statement on, i was just doing this with all the speed my hand had to offer, when a parent came out of the principal’s office, d receptionist did her job by saying a very sweet goodbye to the woman, i was still wondering where Desmond was, if he wasnt in the office with the principal, when he appeared at my back ”Mo! what in God’s name are u doing here?” i hadn’t even said a word when the receptionist told Desmond he could go in now. He was just about eaving when i pulled him back, i looked straight into his eyes, yea! it was a look that said many things about how i felt, there was fear and confusion written all over me. He withdrew his hand from mine and went straight to the principal’s office. And for the first time in a long while, like Jesus, i wept.

I kept on shaking from one corner of the reception to another, my heart was racing faster, i had to sit down when i felt my heart in my throat already, indeed i was terrified..

I moved jerkily to a straight positon, when i heard the office door slide open, i jumped up to look into his eyes with tears in my eyes, he looked at me and patted my shoulders ”i didnt” he said and walked away. I sucked in a deep breath and wif every sense of relaxation and relief i walked out of the reception.

I sat down on my bed my mind at total rest, i was like d only one in the dorm, d rest had gone for our break party, since we were all to go for d midterm break the nextday. I climped up to my bed and went under the covers, two hours later i was awake. I rushed to the bathroom freshened up and went into something really sexy. I felt so Hot nd i needed to be touched, but as the condition was, every other person was in the hall except me. I was just goin to pick up my phone to call one of my ‘magas’, as u know dat sluts dont av bfs, we jez fucck around. I was still deciding on whose koboko i wanted, Tunde, Franklin abi Benedict, when I involuntarily said to myself ”babe dem dey do u o, dem use koboko swear for u? no be one problem u just commot by luck, infact dem dey do u!!” i ‘calmly’ and ‘jejely’ dropped my fone nd sat my a*s.


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