-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 2

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“Ooh! this man no dey fynd beta time waka ni?” was what i heard the sweaty thing beside me say, i hissed nd look at him, felt lyk hitting him so hard. How could he not realise how deep in poo we were. He moved closer to us and told us to report to the principal’s office first thing tomorrow, ’egbon, c shaking’, we immediately went down on our knees in unison, like a rehearsed dance step. After decades of pleading, he finally asked me to leave, without saying whether or not he was still reporting..

Like heavy wind i blew out of d room in a twinkle, i went through the second entrance of the dormitory, which usually served as a backdoor. After some bribings, i walked straight to my room, trying not to be noticed. When i opened the door, there were loud ’oohhss and aaahhss’ from my already excited friends, on a normal day i’d do the ‘froggy dance’, but today i simply said ”eyin girls, kasala don burst o”.

It was already three weeks, after the incident at the library occured, i was not still sure everything was okay, remembering the threat mr Adedeji made when he caught us. I just couldnt figure things out, i kept asking questions, questions like, ”has he been too busy to report, abi he has forgotten ni, or has mayor bribed him“ I was still battling with my thoughts, wen i felt a gentle tap on my back, my heart skipped for a second, i looked up quickly to see who it was, nd there he was, the librarian that has turned my heart into a beating drum.

I jumped from my position to stand directly infront of him, there were a million thoughts runing through my mind, infact i was shaking.
For some seconds, we were both silent till he broke d silence when he sniffed at the air. ”Gooday sir, didnt expect u to be in school today, anyway u look really good in ur service uniform, i cant wait to become a corper too.” then i gigled, trying to sound as neutral as possible. He gave a wicked smile and said ”since its social night today, i’d like to see u in the quaters by then, ok?” maybe it was the fact that he was straightforward that made me shiver, straightforwardness, a special gift that I lacked. I answered sharparly “yes sir!” I looked at him, as he turned to go, after some steps, he turned back to look at me again nd said ”if u like, tell the whole school about it, you’d be sorry for yourself” then he left.

I took a quick glance at his figure nd looked straight to the grey sky, it was then i thought to myself ”there is fire on the mountain”.


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It’s not simple, but i think you just have to be objective about your self and realize that occasionally when somebody is criticizing they’re only giving

thank for dropping this story. I am definitely tired of struggling to uncover relevant and intelligent commentary on this topic. Everybody nowadays seem to go to extremes to either drive home their viewpoint or suggest that everybody else within the globe is wrong. thank for your concise and relevant insight.

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