-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 18

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I felt extremely pressed again and this time i lost balance and fell to the floor. I was crying already, my heart was racing really fast, i couldnt talk but i could still think. I felt a sharp pain in my lower stomach, and in a blink, blood started gushing out of my private part. I felt like i was going to die, i managed to look up at the wall clock, it was 1am already, my sight was disturbed already, but i didnt know if my hearing also was,but i thought i heard d door open.
The door was flung open, it was really surprising that i wasnt scared, because i knew i needed help and i needed it fast.

“yeehh! anti! whats hapun to u?” my househelp shouted

“sshhhh” i managed to say

“aahhhh, e je kin lope momi(lemme call momi)

dat moment i couldnt talk buh i jez shook my head

“what hapun na?” she yelled

“mo flush” i muttered

“AHHH” she shouted

“i’m coming”, she said and ran off She came back wif a bottle with a tasteless liquid, she gave me about two spoons and i actually felt really relieved. She helped me into the
bathroom, cleaned up for me and led me back to bed, dat was the last i knew till i woke up 12pm the next day, though i woke with a bit of fever, but compared to how i felt some hours before den, i was hale and hearty..

I went downstairs, there was nobody there and i was just looking around to see if anybody was around when i caught a glimpse of my help, i walked outside to see her, she rushed to meet me, she told me i wasnt supposed to leave my room, until d traces are not there anymore, i didnt kno what trace she was talking about. We went back to my room, she gave me food and i began sleeping again.

I woke 5 hours later, i was then very okay, my lower stomach pain was gone, and so was my fever. I almost died, i knew it, i needed to think, i knew that too..

When the sun was down, i left the house to a more serene enviroment.I sat just infront of the uncompleted building, as i sat down and began to think, a cute looking dude, came to me and asked what my name was, i told him with a really straight discouraging face and looked away. As i watched him leave, i laughed aloud, not that anything was funny, i just had to do that to prevent tears from falling from my already soaked eyes, Cos i knew what i could have done on a very normal day.

I looked up that evening, the picture of the
dispersed setting of the clouds on the blue sky
seemed to be the only thing my heart could
communicate with. I knew that all this while, i’ve been holding my life with my finger tips, and what i knew more was that, i only had one life not two.. I couldnt think more, coz when i tried it, it was like adding weight to my already weighed heart.

I didnt need much, all i needed was change or maybe a little adjustment in the way i live. In something that. looked so much like an involuntary action, i looked up with my already soaked face, i made myself a promise. A promise for a good change.. Somehow, i was scared of something i knew nothing about, the new life i promised, the life i never lived. But if this was the beginning, how frightening, how awesome, was the journey to be? i thought. I gave a smile, jez for the new start, I touched my heart to feel its beat. That was going to determine my life as at then, and probably the rest of it.



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