-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 17

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He ran his tongue all the way from my mouth to my chest and to my stomach and ended the journey on my womanliness. He took both breaasts in his hands, played with the niiples, squeezing and rubbing. He licked and sucked and licked, my reaction was powerful, i felt unbearably stimulated, out of impatience, i brought his thing into my well. He brought me closer and sank into me, i let out a loud groan. Just when d main thing started, i heard a loud call ”Moyato!”.

That was what woke me from my thoughts, ”so soon?” i asked jokingly.

When we got to our room, she advised me not to take it in school. So the next day an information was sent to my house that i was terribly sick, my dad came for me that day and we both left the school.. On our way back, i was still feigning the sickness when my dad said ”When we get to Ikeja, we’ll drop at d general hospital, u’ll get better, shogbo?”, as i heard that my heart skipped and i replied ”no daddy, i think i’m even gettin better, i can go home, just get me malaria drugs”

“no no no no!” he said in a loud voice.

And right then, my brain began to work.
One way or the other, i convinced my dad we ddnt hav to go to the hospital, so we headed home, i ate, rested and took the drugs before i went to bed, i started sleeping around 4pm and i woke up around 12am. My head was seriously banging, the room was upside down, i wasnt sure i was standing or lying, something, infact, everything was wrong with me. I managed to get on my feet to go to the bathroom, coz i was seriously pressed, i didnt know if the room was mispainted or something, but everything i was seeing was in a black and white mode. I held griply the knob of the bathroom door to help my standing.


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