-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 15

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That night wasn’t a good one, i tried to sleep but couldnt, i kept rolling on the bed, my mind was confused and so was my body ”so, na lyk dat shakara dey end?” i kept on asking myself. I brought my hand to my face, to wipe away the sweat on my forehead, just then, a thought struck me!.

I picked up my phone to call the chemistry lab assistant, a short, fine man in his late twenties, i knew he could help, but what i didnt know was how.

“hello sir” i said as he picked the call on the other end

“hello, who’s on the line?”

“Balogun Moyato”

“oh, Moyato, how are you?”

“i’m not so good sir, i have a problem, nd i need your help sir”

“my help? what is the problem my dear?

“Thank u sir! some weeks back, i was pushed into sleeping with someone sir, peer pressure sir, nd today i found out i was pregnant, then i remembered you run a drug store, you could be of help sir, God bless u sir!”

“so u want me to get u drugs? you must be silly!”

I didnt have to be told, to have let Dammy sleep with me without a condom, i knew silly was my second name.

“God!” i said aloud as he cut the call

“wetin sef? i send u? a whole u dey let person bang without nylon, serves u right, abeg ah wan concentrate oo, na kuku chemistry practical 2mao, nd na only u dey swallow base all the time, when u go dey suck am lyk sey….” she hadnt finished that before everybody in the room started laughing ”…lyk sey na rod u dey suck, drink am wella 2mao, d baby go flush ehn? mummy junior!” she said and they all laughed again.


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