-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 13

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The time was 10:30 wen i woke up, i felt really weak and tired. They were done eating already wen i got downstairs afta bathing.

”Everybody ekaro o!” I greeted,

”u ehn, did u do ‘extracool’ ni?” my big sister asked

”uhm, yes!”

“if its to talk to boys u’ll stay awake, but on saturday night wen i wanted u to read my story, u were talking ‘balabala’, mtchheeww”s he said.
I smiled at her, i knew she was a very good writter, far better than i was(na my oga at the top be that) i didnt hav to read it to know how good it was, and she was going to have it published the next day.

“e ma worry, awl read it wen i’m done eating”

“na u sabi” she said as my mum appeared,
“if not for ur daddy ehn, i’d hav woken u for morning devotion, u sha kno u cant eat in this house, if u don’t say ur prayers”

“mummy na!”

“if i pounce on u! woh, emi e a gbon!(‘ur spirit will shake’, dunno wat dat means tho)
i took my phone nd headed for my room, reluctantly

“bloody sinner!” dammy shouted from where he was

“bloody saint!” i sharparly replied

“is he ur mate??” my mum shouted angrily, as i sped to my room.

“Sweet baby Jesus, i thank u for waking me up dis morning, overlooking d fact dat another babe’s guy fuccked me last night, i say thank u! honey, forgive me for i av hurt ur dear son, Kelly, i did it out of pity, I jez had to break up wif him, i’ve chopped him enof, he’d soon go dry. Father, i know u kno i’m kinda cute, u myt want ur share, dont wori about Mikel, Sammy, Ayoola and Benedict, u are still my number one! i pray dat i meet enof maggas today, i wanna do some recruitments. THANK U LORD. IJN, AMEN!” I got up on my knees and ran downstairs to grab my food.


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