-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 12

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“hahaha, ok go get a dress i think, but if u dont mind, i think u luk better with ur clothes off” he said, as he laughed back upstairs.
I made sure i heard d sound of the door to the room he stayed, before i ascended to get my clothes..

It has been 30 mins, when Dammy saw me Unclad, i shook my head as i said silently ”too bad”. I wasn’t sure of how he felt about it, maybe he was embarrassed just as i was, but somfin i knew for sure was that right then, he was in a ‘red’ state, u dont see me Unclad and still be d same ‘lailai’, that thought made me smile.

Few minutes later, a quick glance at me could tell i wasnt feelin too well. I needed to be banged and i knew it.. In a blink, a plan came to my mind already, mehhnnn! master planner lomo.
Without wasting time, i got out the sexiest lingerie i had in my wardrobe and put it on. I went straight to my mirror and looked vividly at my reflection. My stomach was bare, looking at the figure of the bosom, i was rili proud of it. A pair of sweet looking onion-like ‘thing’ covered with a soft, sweet shinny and fresh looking skin, i bet he’d wanna devour it, and not forgetting the length of my straight legs, he’d die for those tighs, i thought to myself with a smile, i wrapped myself in a douve, nd headed straight for his room. I didnt bother knocking i couldnt risk waking anybody.. I opened d door quietly and walked in. He was watching something, something that sounded so much like an indecency, he immediately paused it wen i came in, and with a faceless look, he said pointing at me ”you!!!”

I entered d room quietly, nd locked the door behind. He sat straight, to view me well. I faced him and smiled, i walked a bit closer and uncovered myself, i could see his eyes brighten immediately. He didnt bother asking me what i wanted, because he knew it and wanted it too. He stood and walked to me, he held my breaast, and brought down his mouth to kiss d already pointed Tips, he started squeezing them softly, dah was just a ‘warm up exercise’ but i knew there was no time for that we had to do it really fast i thought. I pulled off his shirt and raised up his head from my chest, i went straight into the awesomeness of his lips while sucking his tongue, i strolled my hot tongue down his neck and to his chest, i did all i could with his Tips then got down on my knees.. I pulled down his boxer-short and freed his prisoned ‘rod’, and yea! it was really big! i opened my mouth to allow it in, i started suckin from the cap of his dick to the full thing, i kept on licking, sucking and swallowing.

After some minutes, he carried me up, having my hands over his shoulders and my legs seperated on his hips, he inserted the
rod ”aaawww!” i moaned, as i felt it. He held my asz and i began jerking up and down on his rod, the jerking continued with his tongue on my neck and one hand on his head and the other on his shoulder, he carefully put me on he bed, raised my two legs over my shoulder and then inserted his rod and started banging, he kept on riding on me and I kept on saying stuffs like ”yea, yeah, go on baby, ohhh”, we continued with dis for some minutes, then the banging became fast, faster and then really rili faster ”he was begining to make loud groans, then he released and i came. And with every strength left in me, i managed to walk out of the room..
I crashed straight on my bed, cant really remember if it was in real life or in the dream, when i smiled and said to myself ”how i luv the wrath of the rod!”


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