-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 10

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That morning was still so funny to me, but looking at him something told me, there was something rili crazy about him. Being a crazy type myself, i know my kinda people when i see them. I Was still thinking, when i heard steps behind me, i saw him coming straight just as i turned to look, “whats that u re holding?” i asked “prawn crackers, u’d like some?
“ofcourse na!”

“oya, take and go and make dem”, he said in a commanding voice

“u wont like d end product oo, i don talk am”

“hahaha” he laughed” these things are the easiest fries u can ever make, nawa ooo”

“i got that kitchen energy channelled somewhere else bro, and by the way i wasnt born to fry crackers, i was born to…..” i left the rest for him to guess.

He shook his head as he bounced into the
kitchen, ”sit down and watch o” he said.

I nodded and faithfully watched him do the frying. When we were done, i carried everything to the dining room, if I couldnt cook atleast i could carry i thought to myself, smiling with so much honour. As i dropped the meal on the table, he came out with a cup of chill water. He dropped it on the table and went bhind me, he came really close, dat i could feel his hard body rested on my back. I was right in between him and the table.
He brought out his hands to take a powder on the table, he brought the powder where i rested my hands and brought the cold water and the sweetner closer too, he started the mixture from the water, to the sweetner and the powder, all these were done slowly.
I was starting to shake already, i tried not to make it obvious but for someone dat close to me, i’m sure he knew. He mixed the already made juice in the cup for the last time and quietly dropped the spoon. He moved his hands up to my waist and asked ”what’s wrong?” with a flunctuating voice, i replied”nothing”

“hehaha” he laughed aloud ”see, you are still a small gal, i love the effontery though, but listen, the next time u try wat u did earlier today in the sitting room with me, u will get the ‘wrath of the rod’!” he said with his mouth on my neck, one hand on my waist and the other on my stomach. I squeezed myself, and turned my body to look at him ”oh jeez! see, i want the ‘wrath of the rod’, pls!” i said, with my hand holding the ‘rod’ in question this time around.


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