-My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)

Must Read: My Life As A Female Dog *Bitch* (The World In My Head)… Part 1

This story is by Moyarh.toh.badt, read below..

I live in two worlds, d world right inside my head and d one just outside it. I wouldnt bore u wif wat d world outsyd my head looks lyk, my diary already takes care of that.

Growin up, i heard lotta stuffs about puberty, puberty nd d changes it comes wif, buh wat i neva heard was that it could put a bucket of crazy where my head used to be, perhaps i’d atleast prepare.

As at 12, i had enough experience to get myself a counselling job. I was smart, cunning, i had a way wif words, had my way around gys nd a rili gud taste to balance it. To me, i was evrifin, i didnt even know wat i was in for, and here is where my tale begins.

It was a monday, a gud monday. I had evrifin in place, my look, d gys, d money and d attention. I can remember vividly well that it was about 30 mins before d closin bell, dat i got a letter from one of my cniors, Mayor. He was a gud guy, oh! i mean good at d game. He wanted to c me codedly, and in d letter was aw to go about it. I knew what was up, so i went to one of my gals and asked her to cover up for me, incase ‘mummy-dorm’ as we called our housemistress, asks of me. Though, as a ‘baddoo’ myself, i sure had evrifin under control.

I walked into the school library as ‘shakomendedly’ as i could, with the schol half-deserted, i was a proud owner of peace of mind. I went straight to the ‘backest-back’ of d library as planned. Looking at him, i managed to let out a silly smile, he looked jez as funky as ever, not that i was a big fan of how he looked, but it was d pay that really mattered. I looked at him, and asked ’yes? what do you want?’ trying to sound blank, he looked at me, smiled and carefully planted a kiss on my lips, i guess that answered my question. He drew me really close, holding me firmly against his hard body with one hand on my tiny waist nd d oda disturbing d clasp of my bra, knowing what i was in for, i brushed my lips gently against his nd carressed his Tips as gently and feminine as i could. We were both really heated up, i opened my mouth a little to welcome d fulness of his desperate tongue, triggering his more desperate body by lowering my hand to his lower stomach, i dilligently started work on that, everything became hot including the sweat on his neck line. He sat down carefully, and gently brought me down to sit on his laps, and mind u, our lips where still locked. I felt his hard diicckk pressing against my soft a55, i let out a very loud groan when i felt his hand in my skirt, soothingly caressing my already wet p*ssy, it became faster until i heard a very loud ’WHAT!’ from d right angle of d room It Was Mr Adedeji, the school librarian.


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