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Must Read: My Lagos Visit And Ashawo Neighbour For Small Kuramo

This is one crazy story, written by Tunfol….
Please don’t mind the blunders in the story, I tried to edit but I’m too busy and it is way too much.

See wetin I see for Lag on Friday ooo. I just come on Thursday for official matter, then entered a forum and saw the information about small Kuramo. Also entered a Nigerian Adult website and read about strippers club (my favourite) in Lekki. I stayed in Beach gate Hotel in Jakande.

On Friday as I live office dey come, I just enter Lekki go trace that Club. Its almost adjacent 2 Standard Organization of Nigeria. No signboard, just normal duplex painted in white, I got there around 8pm met d security men and they told me show starts by 9:30pm, but the girls were already around. I just left for a joint to sip Beer, omo, na 500 naira per bottle of star. I drank 2 bottles, go find where to barb.
N1k na in d barber collect. By 10pm, I entered the Club. Gate fee na Free ooo. But I go tell you the reason later. Inside, there were about 20 pretty gals of different shape, colour and sizes dancing to the music of the heavy duty speakers. I quickly went to the sexy bar-lady to check their price. Omo, my heat cut oooo. The prices were beautifully printed on well packaged paper, showing the nakkd pix of gals. The cheapest item is water that goes for 1K, A bottle of star is 5k. Jack Daniel, Red label etc was 20k. I ordered for a bottle of Jack Daniel, brought out my debit card.
My 20′k don waka. Wen I dey transact with POS, the sexy bar-lady said I should see d upstairs. We went together and immediately after the stair case is a small hall where dia is a pole and some sofa. According to her, I cud take a gal dia to give me private dance, of which I will pay d Club 5k and negotiate price wit d gal. She show me 2 rooms. One is 10k and another, 20k. By d time we went downstairs and my Drink was brot, about 5 nakkked gals rushed me. They were tourching every where. Romancing my dicccck the mistske wey I make na say I no wear jean trouser.
See as my gave standing obvation force mu zip open. Open my shirt and succking my bosom. At d same time, each was pleading to share my drink (a strategy I later discover was to make U spend more). I freely playd wt 5 puzzysn fingering and fondling breasttttt.
Some requested 2 give lap dance. Of which I gave 500, Naira each. Some told me dey needed to su*k my dicckkk but we need to go upstairs but I told dem Later as I. Still dey enjoy d whole show. Before I no wetin dey happen, omo, dose gals done finish my drink ooo. N20k, just like dat! Some men entered, some came wit babes, and some babes came on dia own. As den dey sit down, those nakd gals dey borag them!

One of the gal wey dey dance/romance me putt nippplle 4 my mouth, omo, I suck ooo. She come ask me make I pay 4 dance and sucking, say she wan go dance 4 pole. I say wen she come back, we go settle. Long tory short, every man wey dey around, get like 3 naKked gals wey dey massage in dicckk and body. My problem was dat I was confused, I no even know who I wan carry. As my drink don finish, d population of gal for my side reduce( owo lobinrin mo – meaning, na money women want) like five minutes after, this gal, wey I never c b/f came from d dressing room to the stage. Omo, I almost ran mad. See bakassi like gorodomu. See bobby like cossy orjiakor, yet tommy flat like slippers and babe tall like agbani darego. As I sighted the babe, I say no way. My swagger must b gingered today.
If there is anything I found commendable in d Club, it is the politeness of d stripppers. They were all cool, calm and collected in the way they related with patrons. I observed that even while they caress ur dickkK and breassst feed U and they discover ur gaze is on another chic, na dem go even ask “you want her right, we can get her 4 U”. So wen I saw my big asss gal in her g-string that revealed all the truth about the dangerously bouncing asss and an obvious portion of the gigantic pusysysy lips and, white socks, with a white bra that was struggling to cover the volumptuous breassssts and even showing the outline of a long nippple that was going to poke out of the bra, just like my Unclad dicccCck forcd its way out of my zippped trouser, my attention, shifted from the two remaining lepa whose hands were massagging my elongated dicCks peeping out of my trouser.
Sensitive to dia environment, one moved her mouth to me ear, sucked a bit and shouted, amidst the thunderous blast of P-square, danger music from the heavy duty speakers “waooo, I can see U like fat Bottom, should I call her to join us? . I responded, “why would you say that. I just admired her but
having her around would not be a bad idea” by now, the fat asssss was already on the pole displaying her wares to everyone who cared to watch. Of course, everyone did.
As d show progressed, a group of ladies, 5 of them, arrived the Club. They were not strippers but Patrons who came to have fun and have dia pusssy sucked by the strippers! They took dia position just by my side and ordered a bottle of Black label at the exhorbitant price of N25k. They also bought five bottles of Coca-cola @ N1k each to mix the spirit. Immediatly dey sat down and placed their order, the hyper-active strippers (I beleived must have known wat this chics came for) descended on each of this ladies, kissing, smooching, and handling dia bosoms and the gals reciprocated, by now, the gals who were entertaining me had left since dey have all contributed efforts to finish my drink.
But the scene of the Chics beside me getting treatment from the strippers was enough turn-on. I practically forgot about the nakked gals doing pole dance and even my bootylicious
fantazised gal. All attention was on the lesbian session by my side. I once wondered wat made such pretty chics decide to go for such a thing but I concluded we all differ in our intimate orientation.

After handling the volumptuous breassts of the gal immediately next to me, the stripper, still kissing her, began to unbotten her white blouse to reveal her laced pink bra. Her
breassts were full as the bra only struggled to cup it, by now, my dicckkkk was going to break. It had escaped completly from d trousers. It was later I discovered that my Zip got spoilt in d course of high-tension massage supplied by several strippers of the Club. The stripper moved her tongue from my neighour’s mouth, via her neck to her chest as she used her to hands to hold her breastss massaging them even with d bra. By now, I have moved very close, aligning my legs and bottom to tourch my neighour’s on the sofa. I could feel her legs vibrating. The stripper moved her tongue towards her nipppple as she used the left hand to put pressure on the right breasttt, a thick, dack nipplle sticked out of the bra into the awaiting mouth of the striper, the lady jacked her leg a bit on the seat as her nippple was tourched by the stripper’s tongue (I guess that’s her weak point because I could hear a soft moan inspite of the loud music) trying to balance herself well, the stripper had to use me as support and that was when she looked down on my legs and sighted my fully erect (which I had since been scolding intermittently) and smiled. She hit me softly in my chest and resumed her sucks on the nippple of my neighour, but this time, her hands some times moved to romance my muscular chest.

After some time, I hands found her way to my Unclad diccck.
Omo, my dicck don suffer, see the way she dey take hand massage my jolojolo. This is a public invasion of my privacy!
This gal is the bomb. Even as she was dealing with me down there, she did not loose focus of the big picture, my neighour’s succullent breastss.
All the five gals were receiving similar treatment from different strippers save the fact that about 2 of them (they all wore short skirts-not like your mini skirt, its like the helm of a short gown so it is easy to access dia virgginna) were already receiving tongue in dia puzzy from dia partners. D stripppers knelt before dem and but dia head in between dia legs and began to perform wonders. Only d helm of dia short skirts covered the heads of the strippers. From dia faces, you could see they were receiving serious ministration. Even though they sipped their BL missed with Coke, it was obvious they were in another world.

Few minutes later, my neighour’s partner joined in d puzzzy-licking venture, she moved her tongue from her nipppple to her tommy, back to her nipppple, then down to her tommy again and gradually wen down, knelt in-between her legs, pushed her head inside her skirt and whatever was happening there was only reavealed by the soft moans and facial espression and occassional vibration of legs exhibited by my laced-pink bra

By now, my dicckk was hungry and angry. Oblivious of events between my legs, my neighour, out of excitement being received from the stripper’s tongue in her puzzy, moved her hands on the chair and to have a better suppport mistakenly put it on my hard dicck, she tried to remove fast, but I quickly held her hand there and she made a fold around my pole and started pumping up and down softly as she continued to moan.

Few minutes later, I felt a build-up in my ball and I know in few minutes, there will b shower of blessing, I stood up abruptly and rushed into the only available toilet in the club and within seconds of arrival, like vocano, loads of sperrm erupted from my rock-hard dicckk into the closet. I pumped my diccck more to empty the whole loads, wash with water, cleaned with tissue paper and flushed. What baffled me was that my dicck rose-up immediatly. This is a real sodom and gomorrah, I thought.
Living the toilet, I went outside the club to have a breath of fresh air. A friend’s called and I was on phone with him for like 10 minutes. I was on phone when I saw my neighour and her friends coming out of the club walking towards a Toyota RAV4, I ended my call, moved towards them to gain my neighour’s attention to at least establish a contact, she looked at me, shook her head, entered the car to join others, the tallest started the car and they
drove off. I stood their motionless till the car disappeared into my invisibility.

Few minutes later, I was backed inside the club. I called the sexy bar-lady again and ordered another bottle of Jack Daniel, brought out my Diamond Bank debit card, inserted into the POS, wham! 20k don move from my acct to dia acct. Minutes later, a bottle of JD was staring at me on d table. Now I decided to be careful with vampires who romance my diccck to finish my drink. As I opened my drink, i sighted my big Bottom agbani Darego in her bra and sexy pants that covered nothing as the puzzzy lips even peeped out of the G-string. How person go carry that kind kaka and still wear G-string? She wan kill. Person?
I invited her to come sit with me and she obeyed.
Immediatly she sat, she askd for drink and I got a glasss for her and in no time, her hand has found my diccck. Along the line, the slim gal that suckked my neighour danced with a smile to us and begged to share my drink. I obliged since my head thought how fantastic it wud be to 4ck the big Bottom together with the slim waist stripper. The girl fine no b small. She sat down with us.
She on my right hand side and the fat Bottom on my left side, both of them wearing only bra and G-string and my diCck has also escaped through my spoilt zip. Their hands were massaging my dick as they were both sucking my ears, my mouth, my Tip.
My two hands were not also useless. Each was fondddling the different gal’s brreassts.
Omo, I tell U. Na d expense wey I incure 4 dat place pursue me commot for Beach gate Hotel Jakande where I was paying 7k par
nite, go sir timbas hotel for Jakande, another anexxe of ashii joint where I dey pay 3k per nite, before I finally go pay for asewo cabin for little Kuramo-the best cabin and d only club there though where I was paying N1,500k per nite and became a neighour to two wild ashawo. Omo, my eyes see. The romance was killing me as the whole hall is filled with sin.
Men everywhere sucking bosoms and gals massaging dickks, some lap-dancing men, rolling all shapes of bottomm on men elongated diccks. Even the impotent would receive healing because it shall be recorded that ‘and he had an Attention’ . My hands passing through their back were now caressing every where on my gals. Clara, my fat Bottom gal was aggresive with my dicck why Hillary, the slim waist gal was licking my face, mouth, ear etc (**one of the major charasteristics of all d gals in d Club is that they all adopted sexy english name***). I moved my hand in-between Hillary’s legs, used a finger to shift the ‘rope’ she called G-string and fliped her Puzzy lips open, as I inserted one finger, Omo dis gal don over-wet, juice don even pour on the panties. I began to use my finger to slowly draw curve inside her puzzy. She clinged on to me on the chair and said “Baby, you are killing me. Please you need to take me upstairs. I need this hard dick in my nasty puzzy. I need a thunderous bang in this stubborn puzzy of my”. Clara raised my cup, filled with JD and put in my mouth, put her mouth on mine immediatly to share it tru a kiss. Omo,enjoyment good ooo. Like I did to Hillary, I found a way of moving my hand in-between Clara’s. Legs (despite her big Bottom) shifted her pant and inserted my finger inside her puzzy but I met a shocker!
Unlike Hillary whose over-soaked puzzy gave my finger a free direct entry, my finger in its journey to Clara’s puzzy met a bloccade, I was innitially confused as I thought there was no viginnna, a hold by my finger on the blockade revealed a very thick, meaty and long Clitoriss! You don’t get it. I am talking of a
clit as long and thick as my fat thumb. Its longer and bigger than
what some people carry in-between their legs and call dicck. Sill call themselve men join. I used my finger to massage it within her panties, now another finger follow, I uncovered the puszy by raisin up the long clit and flipping open the lips. I slighted one of the finger inside of the puzzy while my thumb caressed the long clit. I said to my self. Nothing, I must succck dis long clit today.

All die na die!

Hmmm. Una no go take toto finish person for this Lagos. This Red Benson tread on list of ashawo in ur area is a fountain of corruption of mind. Since the past 3weeks I have been in Lag, it has been my compass. Last week, I just combed oshodi axis.
FucCk from may sun hotels, tru New life Hotels to city Boiz Hotels. One gal dey that city boiz Hotel. The Babe na fire, her name is favour. She turned me to a Pastor ooo. Dat day I discovered new talent! Saturday, o boy na saunderland for Kilo I go bang the Hell out of one babe, Joy. Omo, this sunday, I enter 7up. P:ase 3, Ikotun. Na there I met two babe wey know me for Grandview in Abuja. The level wey the babe I fucck take suck my diccck, omo, I almost ran mad.

Man is becoming extaodinarily, sexually reckless this days.
Typing from City boys hotel, having 4ckd 3 diff gals in 3 diff rooms. Thank God I am leaving this goddamn city of lag 2mw.

***THE END***



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