-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

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Ejiro: How far? Shey make we go to my place?

Me: Let’s go to your place so that we can share the money.

Ejiro: Okay no wahala

We got to Ejiro’s apartment, Ejiro’s apartment is way bigger than mine, and it is the most expensive in our hostel. We entered his apartment…..

Ejiro: Damn! I’m tired (sat on his couch)

Me: You fuck?

Ejiro: Two rounds set

Me: serious?

Ejiro: Na two rounds I go, that woman no go kill me, she likes my dick too much. If she come see your own nko? Yours is way bigger than mine you know.

Me: Forget that thing! Did you mean you fucked that old woman two rounds this evening?

Ejiro: This is even the shortest sef, no be today, I should have even sleep over, if not for the class test I have tomorrow and because of you too.

Me: Na wa ooo (surprised)
He dipped his fingers in his cross bag and brought out huge amount of money.

Ejiro: Oya! Give me my share.

Me: Na the one she talk say make I give you, I go give you.
I brought out the money from my pocket, I didn’t even know the amount she gave me. I brought out the money I counted it, it was 70k. I’m to give Ejiro the 20k.

Me: Take, that’s what she said I should give you (gave him the money)

Ejiro: Are you sure?

Me: I go lie for you?
I held the 50k with surprise, lifted it up.

Me: she gave me 50k oooo, without doing anything. Na only peck I gave her, you guys dey enjoy ooo.
Ejiro brought out 20k and gave me…..

Ejiro: From my sugar mummy….

Me: are you serious?
I quickly collected the money with happiness, I was extremely happy…

Me: This is serious business ooo, the woman in gave her complimentary card, she told me to call her.

Ejiro: My brother you better wake up and join the big boys. That woman is Stinkingly rich, don’t dull yourself, don’t loose this opportunity.

Me: I’m kinda scared you know

Ejiro: Of what? Cos she’s an old woman? Madam Abike was my first choice seriously, she’s my favourite sef, I dey envy you.

I sighed……

Ejiro: Madam Abike’s kids are in overseas, her husband is an ambassador to one of this country. So she’s the only one in Nigeria, although she travels most times to go check her family. Madam Abike is a big time business woman, she just opened a store in Dubai.

Me: Are you serious?

Ejiro: Sit down there…. You better wake up, open your eyes.

Me: I will think about it sha, I’m not sure i can do it.

Ejiro: Its your choice, not gonna force you…. Omo, I dey hungry, shey you go eat?

Me: I’m still full jare..
Ejiro went to the kitchen to get something to eat. That night I couldn’t sleep, lots of things on my mind, I was really confused but I can’t sleep with someone old enough to be my mother. I didn’t even know when I slept off.
The next morning, I went to my apartment, I discovered my door was not properly locked. Who entered my room? I opened my room, I found a half naked girl in my room….


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