-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 7

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We got to the venue of the party, it wasn’t really a party like that tho, let me say something like a get together, it was Ejiro’s Sugar mummy’s guest house, she invited some of her friends over. Sincerely speaking, that guest house is way bigger and better than my father’s house, I never knew what job his sugar mummy is doing. We entered the compound, saw expensive cars in the compound, not just any kind of cars. We got inside, I can hear music in the background, the song playing is one of King Sunny Ade’s track. I can hear ladies laughing and talking.

We finally entered the living room where they are all gathered. Wow! These women are highly classy women, they are all looking fresh, they should be in their mid 50′s I guess. Their skin glowing, looking so young than their age, if I’m not mistaken they should be older than my mother sef, cos my mum just clocked 51 years few months back. The most surprising part is the young young boys in their midst, fine boys ooo, fine boys like from my school. I was just looking at them while Ejiro was looking for his Sugar mummy, I was looking, looking, looking I saw one of the biggest boys on campus. I quickly tapped Ejiro…

Me: Ehn! Guy is that not Gular?

Ejiro: (laughing) Sit down there, e don tey no be today. You think say that range him dey drive Na from yahoo abi.

Me: Jesu Kristi!

Ejiro: Shebi Na you dey dull yourself, that is what all these big boys do ooo, we just dey use yahoo cover up. You better wake up.

Me: So with all his Igberaga and laulau (pride and flaunting), Na old mama pussy dey give am money. Olosi, he will now be showing himself anytime we are in the club…. (Still looking for Ejiro’s sugar mummy, while we waved at the foolish Gular)

Ejiro finally saw his sugar mummy, he quickly rushed to her, I quickly followed him.

Ejiro: oh! My baby I’ve been looking for you (he hugged and kissed her so passionately)
I was irritated by what Ejiro did, yikes. Anyway Ejiro’s Sugar mummy is dark in complexion, plump and average height. Pretty woman tho, with a glowing skin. Ejiro introduced her to me, we greeted each other, she even said Ejiro had said a lot about me, she even flattered me, she said I’m a fine boy and all that, you know as per fine boy now. So we joined the others in the living room, everyone was having fun, then picked each other as couples, to be honest with you i don’t know what is the purpose of the party, they just decided to waste money. I enjoyed myself at least, I was the only one sitting alone in the party, come and see how the biggest boy in school dey cuddle his sugar mummy, chai, don’t be carried away with young boys riding expensive cars, cos you don’t know the source of their money. The funniest part is Gular’s sugar mummy is the fates among the women, very ugly, Na money they carry her beauty. The atmosphere was becoming boring at some point, me I just dey drink my alcoholic drink with the big fish pepper soup. Then Ejiro approached me….

Ejiro: Jimi how far? Hope you’re not bored

Me: bored for where, I’m having fun here, e be like say I dey watch movie sef, all the things wey i dey see here pass Bollywood movie. Nkan be (things dey happen)

Ejiro: Na so… Guy there is one deal for you ooo

Me: Deal? Which kind deal? (Looked at him with scary face)

Ejiro: hahahha! Chill, its no biggie, no be say you go fuck old mama now, wetin dey do you?

Me: I no dey oooo, please I’ve told you I’m not interested

Ejiro: Okay I hear but trust me now. See, one of my sugar mummy’s friends said she likes you, she just want o meet you, that’s all.

Me: Hmmmm! Meet him? I hope I’m safe

Ejiro: of course now, that woman is by far the richest amongst these women ooo. If you don’t walk away with 100k tonight call me bastard.

100k? My eyes open, she’s the richest? My head swell up…
What is her name?

Ejiro: Madam Abike….. Relax guy, nothing fit happen, she just want to see you, you be fine boy now.

Me: No wahala

I stood up followed him to see Madam Anime, she wasn’t in the living room, we kept on going, we climbed the stairs..

Me: oh boy! I dey fear ooo….. Where are we going now? Hope no be say you wan use me do rituals

Ejiro: (laughing) You’re sick..

We got to the room, Ejiro knocked on the door, we entered the room…..


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