-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 5

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Two weeks now, Anita didn’t even call me or come to my place, so one crazy afternoon like that, I was in the hostel, in my room actually, now was really horny. For two weeks I didn’t fuck pussy and I hardly stay a week without fucking a pussy atleast , 3 times in a week, yes I love sex so much and the only person I love fucking her pussy is my calabar girl, Anita. She’s the best ever. That girl is so fucking good, she no dey tire, anytime I need her she would quickly come and fuck my dick, she sef love my dick cos I have a very heavy dick you know. So that afternoon I was in my room, seriously horny. I called Anita, she didn’t pick my calls, i kept on calling her, she didn’t pick, then she finally picked up the call…..

Me: (on phone) Anita why now? You just bone my side, come my place now, Mi miss you, come now now.

Anita: (on phone) To come and do what? See me I am busy ooo, i have things to do, I have assignment.

Me: haba! Anita, you, assignment, Anita of all people (dipped my hand inside my boxers and brought out my hard dick, playing with it) abeg now.

Anita: It seems your things don dey hungry you abi, see my pussy is tired of blackberry Z10, go and buy your own car too. Me I’m not coming today maybe some other time, no pussy for you until you step up.

Me: Oya come, i have heard you, please in the name of God.

Anita: maybe later, bye bye…. (she cut the call)

Me: Hello! Anita! Hello!…. (I hissed)
omo this girl is mad, she dey mad. Oh God I need a pussy, God I need a pussy…. Aaargh!
Then a knock on my door, I quickly got up thinking it was Anita, probably she decided to surprise me, i wanted to go naked and open the door and grab her but I sha didn’t do that. I put on my boxers with my dick still hard got to the door, opened it, it was Ejiro.

Ejiro: Guy how far? Hahahaha! You dey fuck ni? (Looking at my dick)

Me: oh boy, i no see tooto jare, Na so the thing hard since (we both entered the room)

Ejiro: should I call of these razz girls for you? I pay….

Me: Oya now! I need one seriously..

Ejiro picked up his phone, call and invited a runs girl, a student prostitute actually.

Ejiro: she dey come, no worry (laughing) bad boy. Bro please I need your help oooo, my sugar mummy is having a party tonight with her friends and she begged me to bring one of my cute friend along. I already invited Yemi, but the stupid guy fuck up. Abeg follow me now.

Me: This night?

Ejiro: not night party, we should be back home before 12am

Me: shey no be say I go fuck one old mama sha?

Ejiro: No ooo, just to accompany me that is all, Na only you and Yemi fine pass for this hostel, and if them mamas like you peren, your own don better.

Me: Abeg, abeg I no dey do that kind thing. My own be say, shey I go see small change for the party, make your sugar mummy drop something.

Ejiro: Trust me now, you wont regret it…… We would be leaving here by 7:30 pm. Abeg no fuck me up oooo.

Me: no wahala, as long as no fucking of old mama too to.

Ejiro: (laughing) Bad guy….

His phone rings….
Ejiro: E be like say the girl don come, make I go pick her… The girl good ooo, fuck her badly, you go enjoy her, exactly your type of girls.

Me: Oya now! (So anxious)

Ejiro stood up about leaving……

Ejiro: by 7:30pm, I go come meet you, no forget abeg. And please wear condom if you wan fuck this girl oooo.

Me: of course, surely.

Shook hands and he walked out, I quickly went to my wardrobe to take condoms, laid on bed, then a knock on my door..

Me: come in…


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