-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 4

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Wearing a short and and shirt, standing outside the room by the balcony, leaned on the balcony’s handle, I was kinda frustrated tho. A lot of things started going through my mind. You know human being can be very gullible, i started thinking about what Anita told me, Come to think of it, Ejiro of yesterday now the biggest boy amongst us. At some point, I put my hand for my jaw. I was worried, what can I do to shut this girl up, I can’t steal now and I can’t do money rituals for crying out loud, what can I do? People would start laughing at me that the boy I groomed is now riding a car while me still dey jump okada, yahoo not paying anymore, Sugar mummy?

Me: omo I no fit do am (talking to myself), olorun maje *God forbid*. Sleeping with someone old enough to be my mother? Never!
Even though Ejiro once advised me to do it months back, he once told me his sugar mummy’s friend needs a young dude, he asked me if I would be interested but I declined. Will I now go and meet him that I want to do it now, omo I have pride oooo, I can’t downgrade myself.

Me: Sugar mummy? (Sighed)
Anita came out of the room, came to meet me at the balcony….

Anita: so this is where you are, anyway me I’m leaving oooo. I’ve cooked spaghetti, its in your apartment kitchen (laughs)

I didn’t say anything, I was quiet, I didn’t even pay any attention.

Anita: you’re not saying anything, okay ooo continue, just remember the boy you brought ton this compound is bigger than you now. Its better you go and meet him so that he can help your life.

Still didn’t say anything to her, turned deaf ear, looking at something else but my mind on everything she was saying.

Anita: So you won’t say anything…. Whatever, sha do and go and meet him. I am going to my house, it is because of love that I’m saying this. I love you so much…
Looked at her face….

Anita: Bye bye oooo…

Anita walked away, i turned my head looked at her, I was furious looking at her as she was leaving, but suddenly I just looked at her fat ass, men she has a very nice body, I looked at her and smiled shaking my head.
In the department on campus with some of my course mates, chilling, gisting and all that, they kept talking about Ejiro’s new ride, they kept on saying “my boy don buy car blah blah blah” like I care. My phone rings, picked my phone, I use BlackBerry Q5, checked the caller it was Ejiro. He called to ask if he can come pick me in the department, since he’s through with lecture, I had to lie to him that I was still waiting for another lecture. I wouldn’t want him to one steal all the attention away. Cos I know all eyes will be on him and I don’t want to look like “Atenu” (follower).
Ever since Ejiro bought his car, my arrogance kinda reduced in the hostel, clubs and school too, no don’t really participate in all sort of things anymore, I now do my things codedly cos I wouldn’t want anyone to yab me.


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