-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 3

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The following day we woke up around 11am, so weak….

Anita: So when are you going to buy your own car? Cos it is your mate just bought a new car.
I was surprised, she couldn’t even say good morning or even praise me for last night.

Me: is that how to say good morning in calabar?
She stood, obviously still naked, wearing her cloths.

Me: Are you leaving now?

Anita: see Jimi you better do something fast, is Ejiro not your mate? (She sat on the bed). I thought you guys are into yahoo together, did you know how much he spent at the club yesterday? This your own yahoo i don’t understand it at all.

Me: You better don’t compare me with Ejiro, Ejiro is doing more than yahoo. Please don’t start this morning.

Anita: more than yahoo indeed. Why can’t you also do more than yahoo.
Look at his girlfriend Sade , she’s no more living in a room, she moved to a tush self contain, me I’m still living in one room on campus, ehn, Ejiro even got her a new iphone 5 with the BlackBerry Q10 she’s using. See me I am tired of this Z10 you got for me abeg. I’m tired of all these rubbish, you can’t just be fucking me up and down.

Me: You’re really foolish for saying such, what is so special about your pussy. Wo omo Calabar I’ve tried my best for you. The little I have I will give. You don’t expect me to be fucking old women because of money like Ejiro. Ejiro is into Sugar mummy and me I can’t do it, let me still be managing my yahoo small small.(hissed)

Anita: Is Ejiro not human being like you? He’s even younger than you set, so if you carry sugar mummy what’s the big deal? Do you want to die in this packaging things? Ejiro of yesterday, the boy that was squatting with you before, that small you helped. How I wish! You better go find tour sugar mummy and stop deceiving yourself with this yahoo rubbish. (Speaks Calabar language).

Me: (annoyed) Please Anita go away, cos you’re really annoying and don’t make me do what I don’t want to do. Just leave my apartment, you be real foolish girl. Leave my apartment a beg.

Anita: (Laughing) For your mind now, you call this one apartment shey? Shey this small room self contain you are calling apartment? (mocking me) This rat hole (laughing so hard this time)
I was really pissed off, was really angry, so angry that morning. I got up from the bed, wore my cloths and quietly left her in the room to be ranting cos I know she won’t leave and i wouldn’t want to hit her, so its better I leave the room for her to keep it to herself.


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