-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 18

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I heard a voice of a man…

Man: “I finally caught you red handed”

Blood of Jesus, that should be Madam Abike’s husband, it is indeed her husband, Ambassador. The man caught me and his wife making love red handed, in a very distasteful position.

Man/Ambassador: This is so good, I caught you Abike, shame on you..

Madam Abike: (Crying) Its not what you think dear, I’m sorry…

Man/Ambassador: Shut up! My family warned me against marrying you I never listened, they told me how you’ve sleeping around with men. Not even man this time, sleeping with a boy, a boy who is not up to your son’s age.

Madam Abike: Its the devil…

Man/Ambassador: Devil? Haaaaa! Shame on you, sharing a bed with your son’s mate, I am totally disappointed, your children will be glad to hear about it. Thank God for my friend who gave me the juju I placed on you, thank God for the juju that exposed you, I never would have believed you could do such to me and the children. You want to ruin my career.

I was just looking at them, I couldn’t say anything than to cry and was shivering, sweating, I’m dead..

Me: (crying bitterly) please sir….

Man/Ambassador: Young man, this serves you right, this will teach you and the other ones like you a lesson to stop sleeping with another man’s wife.

Me: I didn’t mean to, please sir (crying)..

Man/Ambassador: Its okay, this is where you people will die, I will just walk away and pretend I didn’t see you. I will help you cover your shame by leaving you alone, by the time both you are found dead in this room or house, I think that will cover your shame, like they said, death is better than shame.

I shouted….

Me: Yekpa! Temi bami…. Please sir, we won’t do it again, E Jo sir…
I actually thought the man was joking, the man walked away, left us in the room, while we are still stuck together. Me and madam Abike started struggling, we struggled for hours before some people came to help us. Not just any kind of people, Madam Abike’s family, including her mother, that day was hell for me, her husband brought them to come see what their daughter has done. We were dragged naked outside by Madam Abike’s husband, he was just slapping my face, cursing me. Madam Abike’s mother was just crying feeling disappointed, the woman even fainted cos she couldn’t bear the shame. No be small thing ooo, people gathered on us, the shame was too much for me to bear, I couldn’t cry again, the tears couldn’t come anymore, I felt like committing suicide that moment. What will my parent say about this if they found out? The shame in school, how do I bear the shame in school, I’ve been totally ridiculed, my big boys days are over, shakara has totally end for me. Thank almighty, after so much plea from the people and family, the man agreed to separate us using only God knows. I was arrested at the end of the day, detained for some weeks, my parent were not allowed to bail me, but God intervened at the end. I was released, my parent didn’t welcome me, especially my father, I begged and begged my parent till they finally accepted and forgive me since I’m their son, although it is unforgettable in their heart.
After so many weeks, Anita didn’t call me or come to check on me, it was only Ejiro that came, he was a good friend, he apologised and all that, gave me some money. I couldn’t go to school cos I dunno how I’m gonna cope cos I heard the news was everywhere on campus, the picture was everywhere, some using it as display picture on bbm. I didn’t go to school ooo, I no fit try am, I called Anita, she didn’t pick my calls, I sent her several messages, she didn’t reply, i was really disturbed. My parent were complaining that I didn’t go to school, so I planned on going the following week, i just have to accept the shame, I’m almost through with school, I dare not ruin my life academically so I just had to go to school. Its my cross to carry, i wouldn’t try such mistake again in my life, i just have to learn how to be satisfied with what I have, I shouldn’t walk in other people’s shoes. ANITA! Chai, see my life……….

*****THE END*****



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