-My First And Last Sex With My Sugar MummY

Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 15

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Sunday finally came, I’ve been anticipating for it tho…. I was a bit skeptical about it, I don’t know what to expect, I was worried if I could satisfy madam Abike very well on bed, if she would enjoy my dick. Gosh! Having sex with an old woman? Its not an easy thing to do but frustration can lead someone to it, not really frustration tho, let me call it “Ojukokoro”, “Ojukokoro means not being contended with what you have, unsatisfied. Anyway, I was all ready for Sunday’s appointment, Anita was around through out the weekend giving me tips, encouraging me, Ejiro also gave me some tips too. I was expecting a lot from that appointment, maybe she would give me 200k. Anita told me to ask her to buy me a car and also my birthday which is coming up the following month…

Anita: Don’t fuck up ooo, just do as I said okay… I just pray with all these my wahala with you will not be in vain, cos when you start getting the money now, that’s when your attitude will now change totally. That’s when you will know my pussy is smelling and start pursuing other small small girls.

You can see how desperate Anita can be when it comes to money, well, I’m also desperate when it comes to her pussy anyway but believe me, if the money come true true, I will definitely fuck almost all the girls in my school, especially this new 100 level girl in my hostel. What do you expect? Money makes the world go round, with money I can do all things. That’s about that, so I finally got to madam Abike’s guest house, its a fantastic place I must say, very mighty. Madam Abike opened the door for me, I got inside the house, saw madam Abike looking so radiant, she was putting on her nightgown already, looking so sexy as usual, she gave me a warm kiss and a hug.

Madam Abike: My baby boy, how you doing?

Me: Fine ma!

Madam Abike: I’ve been expecting you all day, that man has finally left the country last night.

Me: You mean your husband?

Madam Abike: of course, who else..

She became closer to me, touching my private part, omo I became hard seriously, I was really surprised I could become hard oooo, I was a little bit irritated tho.

Madam Abike: I’ve heard a lot about you… (Flirting with me)

Me: Like what ma?

Madam Abike: (laughing) I heard you’re not bad down there..

Me: That’s right ma, they say that a lot about me.

Madam Abike: I hope you can use it very well Jimi?

Me: Don’t dare me ooo, I’m a lion when it comes to that matter ooo

Madam Abike: Well, well, well…. Then I’m really gonna take of you if you can perform to my expectation.

Me: Oh yeah!

We began kissing, believe me, I became so horny, my dick was already over erected, omo, my dick no even get shame at all. You can’t predict yourself, I never believe I could be horny for an older woman, sincerely speaking sex is totally a way of life, its a way of life I must confess, old ooo, young ooo you can find yourself having sex with anyone no matter who the person is. Kanji Na bastard, lol. So we began kissing and kissing, she kept on playing with my private part, I wanted to squeeze her heavy boobs but I was kinda scared at first, but omo I throw away fear ooo, I began squeezing it, kissing her, she unzip my trouser and brought out my heavy rod.

Madam Abike: wow, this is huge…
I was kinda shy tho…

Me: Yes ma….

We began kissing again, kissing, she began to wank me, playing with my dick, I even thought she was going to suck me but, she didn’t. The smooching became so intense, so intense….

Madam Abike: Let’s go to the room…….


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