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Must Read: My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy… Part 13

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I couldn’t wait for the following day to come, I was really anxious to see her cos I was really broke and I was ready to do anything with her. So, the following day came, already prepared to go see her, I think it was on Friday, Friday is usually a lecture free day for me. I called my girlfriend to inform about it, come and see how Anita was professing her love for me on phone, she kept on calling me not forget, it was even her call that woke me up that day, giving me silly advises, she even warned me not to have sex with her flesh to flesh that I should take enough condoms and play with her very well, can you imagine, desperate girl. Anyway, as a foolish boy I did all what she said sha.

I got to madam Abike’s shopping mall, blood of Jesus, this place is extremely big, the shopping mall is a whole mansion, and the shopping mall is named after her “Abike Mall”. Its a shopping mall, so they sell variety of things, there is nothing you won’t find in that place. I was already feeling on top of the world for meeting someone like her, I am so lucky to find this woman. I finally saw her, in her office….

Madam Abike: My boy, how are you?

Me: I’m fine ma..

Madam Abike: Wow! So nice to have you here, welcome to one of my shopping mall.

Me: one of your shopping mall?

Madam Abike: Yeah! Are you surprised? Well, this is my 6th mall and this should be the smallest of them. I just opened a new one in Dubai few weeks back.

Me: Interesting ma! (Smiling)

Madam Abike: Abi, its all God… So how is school?

Me: Its been fine ma, we thank God.

Madam Abike: What happened? You never bothered to call or check on me all these while, I actually thought you’re not interested or something.

Me: Ha! No ma, its been school problem and I’ve been battling some financial problems in school, so things have kinda tight for me.

Madam Abike: Financial problems?

Me: Yes ma!

Madam Abike: When I’m here for you, you this children of nowadays love to throw away opportunities you have on a platter of gold. You should have called me or something and I would have assisted now.

Me: Ema binu ma (I’m sorry ma), I was just a little bit shy..

Madam Abike: (laughing) You and shy, you shy too much, you better be free with me. Let me take care of you, I will do anything for you, as long as you satisfy and obey me.

Me: No problem (smiling)….. I heard you were out of the country.

Madam Abike: Of course, one of my daughters just gave birth..

Me: Oh! Wow, congrats ma

Madam: Ose dear… So I went to see her, my other kids with grandchildren and husband too.

Me: Oh kk! Hope they are all doing good?

Madam Abike: Yes of course, thanks love..

She began to look at me with some flirty eyes, I was just smiling and really shy the way she was looking at me.

Madam Abike: I feel like kissing your lips right now…

Me: Same here ma, I don’t mind.

Madam Abike: Ehn! In my office? No way, cameras everywhere watching us CCTV is everywhere, you wouldn’t want my husband to skin you alive.

Me: (laughing) My bad!

Madam Abike: I would have invited you over to my guest house but this man is around, I mean my husband, he’s around and he’s been suspecting my movement lately, I don’t know who has been giving him information about me.

Me: Really? I’m sure those should be your enemies, your enemies at work. By God’s grace you will triumph over them.
I was really tensed when she said her husband is suspecting her movement, why does it have to be during my own time that the yeye man go dey suspect, make the stupid man no come pour sand sand for my garri. I just pray this won’t put a hold to our relationship.

Madam Abike: Amen oooo.

Me: That’s human being for you, bad bad people, you just have to be careful ma.

All well and good, madam Abike finally booked an appointment for Sunday, saying her husband will be travelling back to Canada on Saturday night. I was really happy, so happy. She gave me 50k that day and she also said I should pick anything I want from the mall, me that I don’t have food stuff in the house again, I was just packing food items, toiletries, I picked lot of things for myself and Anita too. I was a little bit fulfilled that day cos my coming to her was not in vain. Its good to be a fine boy seriously, thank God for that. I can’t wait to meet her on Sunday, I know she would give more if I have sex with her, Na here I go turn to Mario.


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