-My Experience With Naija Police

Must Read: My Experience With Naija Police… Part 2

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I remembered my neighbours ordeal with the police, where he was arrested after he made a transaction with the ATM, he explained that their aim was to get you into their station and “anything wey make dem carry u enter their station kasala don burst” the words played in my head, so there and then I started praying against any spirit that poses contrary to my freedom, “where ur hostel dey?” The crooked nose officer asked, it was the first time he spoke, “its not far from here sir, very close to this place” I replied, he whispered something to the fat older police who gave a nod and smiled, it was a sardonic smile, I knew it wasn’t going to end well, they are not going to let me off easy, which kind wahala be dis one na, “oya get up, handcuff the guy and push him into the car, we dey carry am go In hostel”.

I was sandwiched between two police officers, the cross-eye officer and the one with stained teeth, the older police officer was sitting at the front seat along with the officer with the crooked nose, he was the one driving. The car had this unbelievable stench, I wondered if they had any reason by law to have bad car hygiene, the men were discussing something only they understood, I wasn’t even present with them there though I was present in body my mind was already playing around negative thoughts, I was wondering what my first night in a cell would be like that is if they found anything incriminating in my house. I knew I was innocent and shouldn’t be scared because I was clean and my house was clean, but it was the police, they had a way of making you feel guilty even when you are not.

“See that guy with camry car, follow am!” the officer with stained teeth shouted, that brought me back to reality and I wondered what the poor guy in the camry car had done, “no let the guy run comot o…. Overtake am before, no let am turn…arrrgh, bad market” they all casted long looks of disappointment, obviously the guy in the camry had done nothing, it was then it dawned on me that these men were out hunting for innocent victims to prey, unfortunately I have fallen a victim. I gave the directions to my hostel and we got there within minutes, it was about a ten minutes drive from where I was apprehended, it only took fifteen minutes because of the detour they took, while trying to nail an innocent guy.


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