-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 62

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Sixty One, read it HERE

There i saw Isla clad only in a flowery black panties and lacey black bra with a white substance on her nostrils. She was humped over a stool sniffing the white substance which I immediately knew what it was. I call it a dehumanizing scene because she was convulsing as she kept on sniffing, which made me wonder why a normal human being would subject herself to such a dehumanizing act of self destruction. On raising her head to sight me, she giggled stupidly and rolled her tongue at me, beckoning me.

“Come in sweetie” she said flicking her index finger.

I stepped into the well furnished room and took a seat on the comfy water bed. I must say here that Isla was living far above the standard of an ordinary student. Although her father was influential and all that, I was hundred percent sure that most of the accessories in her expensively furnished house was from illegal trades.

“I’m sure you’re here for your share?” she said abstractly

“Of course I am” I replied “Isn’t that why I did the job in the first place?”

“Yeah…..that’s true” she hoarsed, sniffing like a junkie. Then she pointed to a black cellophane bag close to her fridge. “That’s your share”. she said

With every ounce of the thirst for money in me, I got up instantly and walked to pick up my bounty and peeped inside to confirmed, I wasn’t being taken on a ride. Mehhn…it was raw cash…hot money. I smiled.

“It’s nice doing business with you” I stated formally and intended to leave and she called me back

“Just like that?” she asked, wiping the whitish stuff off her nose.

“Just like how?”

She then got up on her feet and I beheld the glory of her femininity. She was so seductive I must swear.

“No kiss for mummy?” she purred walking close to me.

“Is that all you need?” I asked.

“Maybe”, she shrugged clasping her her hands around my arm as she began to feel my biceps.

My eyes roamed her delicate body, falling on her supple breasts which were entrapped in her thin revealing bra, and her thin waist which broadened around her full hips, making her panties look like it was about to snap (she was a beautiful demon). I swallowed hard.

“I have to go home Isla”, I said. “Kemi would be waiting for me”

“Oww….the lonely girlfriend”, she said throwing her arms around my neck and pressing her breasts to me. “She can always wait”.

I wanted to move away, but a side of me really needed her badly and that lustful side made me overwhelmed by her devilish beauty making me awestruck….or rather dumbstruck.

Before I could blink, she licked my lips in the most sensual way as her tongue further explored the insides of my quivering mouth. My tongue responded instantly and she ravished my lips with such lustful passion, while her hand knocked off the cellophane bag from my grip. And I took the cue to grab her thin waist with both hands and we started attacking each other’s lips ferociously.

My adventurous hands roamed allover her fleshy butt and I squeezed tenderly, feeling it’s voluptuousness as she kept moaning into my mouth. Then I took my lips down to her neck, nibbling her nape and teasing the erroneous zones as she became jittery and gasping, roaming her hands allover my body. Grabbing her once ore by the waist, I pushed her backwards to the water bed and she fell back, pulling me along as we continued kissing wildly. As we kissed, she pulled down the straps of her bra and I took my head downwards to take a nippIe in my mouth and she moaned, “Oh yeahhh”. Her nippIes were puffy and suckable and I enjoyed every bit of the mammary worship. I wanted to make her go wild and I licked her brown areaola, tracing down to her groin and she lifted my head “Not yet!” she gasped. Without waisting time, she totally undid her bra (while I began to take of my clothes) and slipped out of her panties. The moment she was through with undressing, she pushed me backwards and down to the bed, then tugged at my boxers, which came flying off instantly. Looking up into her face, i could see the fire in her eyes and her fair cheeks were so flushed with desires. The drugs were definitely having it’s toll on her sexuality. Like the dominatrix she was, she climbed on to my face and sat astride my lips, bringing down her fleshy moist pusse on my lips. Instantly my tongue delved into her warm hole (she jerked) and I began to eat her out.

To Be Continued…

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