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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 59

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Fifty Eight, read it HERE

“Blondie, check out the area” the Executioner said. And the lady at the right front seat got out of the car and stepped into the halogen illuminated suburbia as she walked down the road towards the gate of the house. We watched her tap at the gate and a security man came out and there was a slight argument (i wondered what she was up to) before Blondie tuned and left as the security man jammed the gate close. I had expected her to come back to the car instantly but on the contrary, she went towards the end of the building and hopped on the fence, peeping inside the compound, before hopping back to the ground. Like an athlete, she strutted back to the car and got back inside, breathing hard.

“What’s the situation like?” the driver asked.

“I tried to check the possibility of creating a diversion with the gateman and found it possible”. Blondie stated.”He looks quarrelsome and would easily fall for the bait”

“And what about the security within?” I asked. She paused for a while, staring at me like I wasn’t in the position to ask her the question. Then she turned away. “Just two guys at the front of the house” she said reluctantly.”But the backyard seems unguarded when I hopped the wall”

“That means you’ll create a diversion while we scale the fence huh?” I asked

“Yes, that’s the plan” the Executioner replied. “We get in there we look for our victim Mr. Thompson (real names withheld) and get the money from him”

Having mapped out our plan, we stepped out of the car, armed as we walked towards the house. Under my signal we went to the extreme of the house while Blondie hid her pistol behind and went to cause a divertion by banging on the gate. The moment we he heard the security man and some other voices arguing with her, we scaled the barbed fence by cutting the barbs with pliers and landed within the backyard of the vast mansion.

The dogs began to bark the moment we landed within the compound. The path we had come upon was not fully illuminated by the halogen bulbs and we lurked in the shadows biding each step we took. We were actually trying to avoid coming in contact with the dogs owing to the fact they would blow our cover. From previous experiences, a stealth approach was the best in situations as this, and anything that would break the rules of engagement was to be avoided.

As we strode the backyard of the compound, we noticed the argument between Blondie and the men had subsided, since we could no longer hear their voices. She had expertly calculated the time it would take for us to make it within the compound and that was very ingenious of her. We had succeeded in reaching the generator house undetected (we intended to cut the power supply) when a guard on suit spotted us, and made to draw his pistol, and the Executioner silenced him instantly with a swift throw of her jagged edged knife which sunk into his neck. I swear the the lady was good. She handled blades with ease just like it was done in the movies. Pulling the dead body of the guard into a dark corner, we cut the power supply and splitted up. Beyond our expectations, gas lamps were quickly turned on and we could now hear the tensed voices of panicking men rushing out of the house. We aimed at taking advantage of the blackout to infiltrate the house before the generator was turned back on, so we hurriedly moved into the house as I headed up the flight of stairs, leaving the two ladies behind.

I was armed with two pistols (one of them being mine) as I tip-toed down the corridor of the last floor hearing the faint sound of cries and moans. The sound was definitely not that of pleasure, because I could detect pains and struggle within the soft female voice, so I threaded carefully.

There were so many rooms in the building and I have come to know from experience that the master bedroom would be somewhere down the corridor of the last floor where I was. It was a good thing there was no gun battle yet, I thought. That meant we were still under stealth motion. But as if to cut short my joy, the first gun shot rang out from below and I heard a man cry out. And at that instant, the door opposite me bursted open and a pot-bellied man (clad in only a boxer short) ran out in panic, coming face to face with me. But on sighting me, he ran back into the room and meant to bolt the door, but I kicked it open and he went crashing to the floor helplessly. This was definitely the master bedroom, I thought. More by intuition, my eyes drifted to the king size bed and beheld a gory sight. There were two nãked and vulnerable young women tied to the bed post and they looked badly bruised, weak and rough handled. The silly pot-bellied man had been rãping them all along. No wonder I had heard the agonizing cries few seconds earlier. The pot bellied man on noticing my attention being diverted in that split second towards the helpless ladies, tried to get up and dive at me but I instinctively shot at him twice on his shoulder and thigh as the two ladies managed to scream weakly.

“Are you Mr. Thompson?” I asked the groaning man on the floor who kept wriggling in pains. He wouldn’t answer as he kept cursing at me. I repeated the question again but he kept mute (still groaning). When I was sure he wasn’t going to talk and would soon pass out due to excessive bleeding, I decided to make him talk by marching on the gun shot wound on his right thigh and be cried out in severe pains.

“Oh nooo….yes…yes, I’m Thompson… I’m Thompson ehhh!” he groaned.

“And where is the money?” I asked

“What money! What money!!” he howled

“The money from the last deal with the Baroness” I gritted

He kept silent once more and heaved weakly “Please help me…I’m bleeding out”. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear so I stepped once more on the bullet wound he cried out again “The wardrobe…. check the wardrobe” his laboured voice sounded. Without wasting time, i made for the large wardrobe which was locked. I didn’t want to waste another time forcing the whereabouts of the keys from the weakened man, so I stomped on the wardrobe with my legs and it crashed open.

There were various bags in the wardrobe as I noticed. So I hurriedly searched for the possible one with the money and found it. Swiftly I made to turn and leave the room when one of the bound ladies spoke weakly to me

“Please… help…” she muttered.

Originally that was not part of the mission, but compassion wouldn’t let me abandon them, so I strutted to the bed post and loosened their bonds. Like mice, the abused ladies scampered out of the room and as I was about stepping out, one of the guards met face to face with me, about to pull the trigger (my heart sank) when Blondie miraculously appeared from him behind him and shot him down right before my face. I couldn’t express how grateful I was so I just nodded in gratitude to her as she cast me a faint smile. Throwing the bag to her we hurried down the stairs amidst the reoccurring gun sounds reverberating around the house.

“Let’s go” Blondie called out the moment we stepped out on the patio. “The police will soon get here”

We had almost made it out of the compound when our Lady driver received a shot to her back and she toppled instantly, gasping for life. Then my eyes fell on a limp figure lying few fleets away from the gate. It was the lifeless body of one of the ladies i had saved (probably hit by a stray bullet). Quickly we heaved the lady driver up and I provided a fire cover for us as we stepped out through the gate. Bundling her into the backseat, I took the wheels, while the others hopped in and i screeched the car into the shadows of the night, on our way back to Isla….Mission Accomplished!

To Be Continued…

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