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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 57

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Fifty Six, read it HERE

My sojourn at the shrine was now a confirmation that I was now away from harms way. At least the constant fear of death and the prophecy surrounding Isla and Kemi was now a thing of the past. It was now a case of me going back to the fraternity with full force since I knew i had a strong spiritual backing. One thing Baba Agba’s fortification did for me was for me to be able to tell when danger was close. I now had this starring sense of danger in precarious moments and that enabled me to go off radar when necessary. It was as if I had a sensor in me. Even my brothers in the fraternity began to notice my sudden and increasing clairvoyance to situations even the Capone could not decipher. Once more, my demeanour and popularity spread like wild fire, reaching Isla whose need for my services was yet to wane. So on a particular Sunday, I was at Kemi’s place watching TV at the sitting room (while Kemi prepared lunch in the kitchen) when Isla dialled my phone. I ignored the call the first 2 times, but the third one was persistent and I had to pick in order not to attract Kemi’s attention , because she was already beginning to ask (from the kitchen) why I wasn’t picking my call.

Isla’s seductive but firm voice filled my ear the moment I touched the answer button.

“Hi sweetie” she purred.

“I’m not your sweetie Isla” I stated.

“Hmmmm…..don’t tell me you don’t miss being between my thighs”

“Just broach your reason for calling Baroness”

“Wowww… never called me Baroness” she giggled “I can sense some refined steel in you”

(I scoffed)

“I like it when guys go hard… brute….kinda s*xy** you know. I’m getting wet at the thought of it”, she moaned.

Isla was a serpent. She knew how to catch a man’s interest. She understood the fact that her seductive skills were awesome and irresistible; and always applied them when necessary. The truth was no matter how hostile I decided to sound at her, my defences were weakening as her sultry voice kept chiding me.

“Go straight to the point Isla!” I gritted. She cackled aloud, then her voice became suddenly stern.

“Meet me outside the gate!” she sounded before dropping the call.

For some seconds that got me pondering. ‘Meet her outside the gate?’ I thought. This couldn’t mean she was right before Kemi’s gate. Oh my God! This was not good. She was coming too close, and the last thing I wanted was to involve Kemi in Isla’s affairs. I would do anything to make sure the prophecy didn’t come close to happening. But how did she find out where I was?….Oh! Isla……Such a Harpie…..A real she-devil. Pocketing my phone, i told Kemi that I was going across the road to get something and stepped out, heading to the gate.

I saw her titanium colored Peugeot some distance away from the gate. And on sighting me, she stepped down herself (signalling her wing guards to stay behind) and walked towards me with a dark goggles over her eyes and a sinister smile, while I stood transfixed watching her draw closer. She threw her arms around me the moment she approached me, pressing her breasts to my chest.

“Hmmm, I missed you” she cooed.

“Or you missed my mercenary services, huh?” I sarcastically said.

She took off her goggles and looked deeply into my eyes “You think that’s all I need from you?” she asked sounding rather disappointed. “Well…..if you say so, (she let go off me). I’m here to talk business”.

I scoffed, “As usual” I said.

“Don’t be too hard baby” she squeezed my crôtch. “Follow me to the car”.

We walked to the car, and at her signal the two wing guards alighted to mount behind the vehicle while we both got in.

“There is a job for you” she said. I inhaled deeply Then she added “No need to bother yourself. This one is a walk over….but it depends on you”

“So what is it this time?” I asked.

In few minutes Isla gave me a run down of the hit. According to her, I and her girls were going to rob a customer of hers at his residence. They had actually traded on drugs and she paid the dude off, but later felt the price she paid wasn’t the product. In her words: “The dude is a hawk” she spat. “I never paid so much for stuffs before” Then I asked her: “How tight is the security?”

“It’s nothing you can’t beat dear. Just a bunch of he-goats clutching guns…that’s all”

“That’s all?” I retorted

“Of course that’s it!” she shrugged. “Or are you cutting liver?”

“On the contrary. But you make it sound as if it’s that easy” I said. “Is my Capone aware of this deal?”

She fluttered her eyes suspiciously “Yes…..” but her response wasn’t strong enough to convince me, so I stared sternly at her and she spoke up: “Fine…Okay…..he’s not” she confessed.”He actually brought the customers and I think he has a share in the spoils. I shook my head in dismay. Seriously there was no trust in the underworld. It was just greed upon greed. Now here was Isla and my Capone, having trust issues…Blimey! Anyway, mine was to execute the job and get my pay.

Soon Isla and I were done and as usual, she kissed me passionately, massaging my crotch (which came alive instantly) before I struggled away from her grip and stepped down from the car.

“Come back alive to me” she pouted..

“Like you care!” I shot back.

“Of course I do baby” then she cackled sinisterly (i hissed) as her wing guards got into the car, and I watched her vehicle zoom off with speed. Quickly I got back into the house as Kemi was already serving lunch on the table.

“What took you so long babe?” she asked.

“Erm…..had to go search for what I needed”

“And what’s that?”

I smiled and pulled her into my arms “Never mind baby” I heaved as I overtook her lips in a wild kiss.

To Be Continued…

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