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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 55

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Fifty Four, read it HERE

Of course the baba was correct. Mum had told me I had a twin brother who died during our birth, and he was older than I. But how was is to affect my charm , i wondered. Then I replied Kemi, “But what has my dead twin got to do with all these?” Kemi threw back the question at the man and he heaved aloud and spoke (Kemi interpreted as usual).

“So far as your destiny is entwined with your twin, you’ll need his blood as well to attain the bullet proof charm”

Honestly I was disappointed. This was a simple jazz most of my Frat guys acquired like recharge cards. Why was mine taking all these protocol? That is to say without my twin, my journey to this place was going to be a futile one. The Baba saw the disappointment written allover my face and said something which made Kemi stare steadily at me.

“What did he say?”I asked

“He said there’s a way out….” Kemi replied.

From all the Baba told me (through Kemi), I had been living a pseudo life (i.e a borrowed life from my dead twin) and that was why he had called me “The cat with nine lives”. The old man made me understand that there was a strong spiritual connection between identical twins and it was through that spiritual connection he would give me a way out. According to his new offer, he would fully transfer my twin’s life into me, and I would make use of his good luck and fortune. Where my dead twin was supposed to be fortunate in life, i would be. And where I was supposed to be unfortunate, the misfortune would be transferred to the fate of my dead twin. That is to say it was going to be a recreation of my destiny and applying the positive twists to my favour. That was a relief to my ears as Kemi stated everything to my understanding. Afterall many frat guys had no bullet proof charms and they survived, i thought within myself. The same could be said of soldiers in war and yet those who would survive would survive. Moreover the new fate exchange charm would see me far. But something was involved. I was to spend 7 nights in the shrine if I was to pass through the fortification processes….Damn! I couldn’t believe I would be staying in that desolate place all alone with the scary old man. Having said and heard all, Kemi called me to a side of the glades and drew me close in the warmest of embrace (I felt her soft b00bs).

“It’s just 7 days baby” she purred.

“Hope you’ll come visiting?” I asked. But she smiled. I knew she would have kissed me, but she wanted to respect the sanctity of the shrine.

“No I can’t come to see you”. She said “Baba won’t approve it and you don’t need any form of distractions during the fortification”

“I just hope I survive” I said hopelessly

“Of course you will”

Then I heard the Baba call out to me “Wa mbi !” he said and Kemi beckoned on me to walk towards where he stood. And I took the bold step towards the old medicine man as I turned to watch Kemi walking away with a smile on her face.

To Be Continued…

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