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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 54

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Fifty Three, read it HERE

The torches kept blazing with gusto as the baba Agba continued his panegyrics to the symbolic Ifa deity. Despite the man was old, his voice was melodious as he sang in opulence to his Orunmila. His eulogies came like sweet music to my ears as Kemi kept nodding in cognizance with whatever the man said, and I watched with keen interest as the cowries from his hands kept wriggling and shaking as he vibrated in divination. When he was through with chanting, he ended in a symphony and raised his face to look into my eyes. At that moment I couldn’t behold the man’s face and I tilted my head downwards to avoid his flaming eye balls. Then he spoke out in Yoruba language (which I didn’t understand). And Kemi interpreted for me:

“Baba says you should give him your left palm” she said.

Hesitantly I offered my left hand to the old man without looking at his face, and felt a sharp incision at the middle of my palm. I jerked and winced. Turning to Kemi, I said:

“Why did he do that?” I asked “Moreover you haven’t told him the reason we are here and his butchering me up already”

Kemi only smiled at me as we watched the Baba scoop some of my blood into a tiny gourd. Then she said.

“He already knows why we are here”

The medicine man placed the gourd containing my blood before what seemed like a small furnace and shook his native cymbals continuously accompanied with deep enchantments when suddenly there was a burst of flame from the furnace (we ducked) , blasting the gourd into fragments. And the old man stopped abruptly and muttered,”Ahh….Ohun!” And he shook his head and came to take his seat, pinning his staff into the ground and began to speak as Kemi interpreted.

“He says your blood was rejected and you can not attain the bullet proof charm” Kemi stated as the man kept talking. “Your fate and survival doesn’t tally with it. And if you go ahead with it, you’ll run mad by the next June which is your month of birth”

I was marveled and disappointed at the same time. “But why?” I asked and Kemi continued

“He says you’re an Ibeji”

“And what’s that?” I asked

“It means you’re a twin, and the destiny of your twin is entwined with yours. But from what he found out, your twin is no more”

To Be Continued…

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