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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 52

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Fifty One, read it HERE

It took me a short while to get home and I stomped into the house and headed up straight to my room. Immediately I began to pack my necessary stuffs into my bag, not forgetting my pistol which I tucked under my shirt, behind me. Yemisi was heading up the stairs and surprised to see me bumping down the stairs with my bag.

“Are you travelling, sir?” she asked.

“I’m moving out, and I’ll be gone for long” I replied.

She seemed to notice that I wasn’t in the mood for her questions and she stepped out of the way for me as I hurried away.

“I’ll miss you sir” she chortled and I stopped in my tracks to take a final look at the pretty nanny. Of course I would miss her. Her wonderful cooking and the warmth between her thighs….but I had to leave. Casting a faint smile at her, I left the house like the biblical prodigal son. My destination yet unknown.


Living on the fast lane had its negative effects on a man. Here was i, far away from home and free to the point of being free from any family restraints. My life was getting sordid each day and I basked in the euphoria of my freedom from the claws of my shrew aunty. But little did I know it was going to be like the proverbial chick who left the protection of the mother hen. According to the 4th century Chinese philosopher, Confucius, he said: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”, and that was my case. I had the brains to become the best graduating student in my set, the financial comfort from my family and extended, the love and care that would befit any youngman and make him successful in life, yet I chose the path of destruction. Fraternizing with the hordes of hades and vices. Wetin dey sweet dey kill, so they say. That lesson I came to understand later on. Anyway let’s go back to the story line……..

After living my aunt’s place, I settled for Kemi’s place. Like the negative influence she always was to me, she never deemed it fit to ask me why I left home. She never bothered to insist I go back home to my people. Rather she selfishly accommodated me and had me all to herself. And we would make love as she f*cked my brains out everytime. Staying with her was fun anyway or so I thought. She was a fair cook. But not as good as my aunt’s nanny Yemisi. Oh Yemisi, I usually thought to myself. How I missed her sumptuous meals and passionate love making. I missed Adaora too. Also Nkem and my lovely little Victor. I wondered how everyone back home would be feeling because of my absence. Several times they tried to call me on phone and I turned down their call. Even that of my father. I was literally driving the man crazy.

On one of such days, Kemi and I had finished with a hot round of s*x and catching our breaths when she broke the steaming silence.

“Isla called me earlier today” she said coldly.

I sat up in surprise, “Isla called you? (Kemi nodded) For what?”

“She asked after you”

“How did she get your number?” I asked.

“This is Isla we are talking about here” Kemi replied sharply

“Yeahhh…you’re right…And what did she want?”

Kemi also sat up as her jug-like breasts quivered and for a second I admired the eagle tattoo on her Bosom.

“What else would she want if not for the jobs” Kemi said sadly.

“I was thinking she was about letting me loose”

“Loose ke?” Kemi snapped.”She won’t stop till you’re killed in the process”. Kemi now slid on her panties.”I just don’t want her getting close to you. I can’t stand it anymore. How am I sure you haven’t yet f*cked her”

I moved to touch her shoulder, “Don’t say that Kemi”

“Fimi si le joor” she pushed my hand away.

“Baby we’ve talked about this issue several times” I pleaded.”Try to understand that…..”

“Ahh….Ko ye emi oo” She spoke in her dialect.”I don’t understand and I don’t want to understand”

I could see Kemi was visibly angry and I tried to calm her down by explaining things to her. After some minutes of explanations I concluded.

“I just have to keep doing her jobs till she gets tired of me”

“In that case prepare”, Kemi said.”We will be traveling to my place to see baba Agba like I said before”.

Actually i had been waiting for this all this while. Probably we would have gone to Ijebu Ode earlier, but for her exams and school project. So finally the time had come, we had to make the move.

???2days later???

Together Kemi and I set off for Ijebu Ode. It took us long before we got to her place in the morning. And I was greeted by the unfamiliar demeanour of the West. That was my first time of traveling to Yoruba land. We walked past some ancient bungalows with rusty old zincs. Some had dilapidated walls and in front of those houses were old men and women who were either chewing on chewing sticks or listening to indigenous radio stations. They seemed to recognize me as a stranger owing to the way they stared at me. But I must confess that the town was lively. Kids hovered around the place in their numbers. That day was a weekend so little wonder they were at home and had all the day to perambulate the whole village. On getting to her family compound, we were welcomed by her aged mum, Iya Bimbo who didn’t stop ranting and chattering in her dialect for many hours. And for the first time I ate the popular western delicacy of Amala and Ewedu (Mehn! it was the bomb). Finally nightfall came and Kemi showed me to a big and almost empty room which had just as much as an old cane bed and a flat over used foam on it. Then I turned to face her.

“Hope you’re staying with me for the night?”

“You dey craze? You want my mama to know sey you dey f*ck me abi?”

Then she hissed and said: “Just go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for you”. And she walked away leaving me in the dimly lit room.

To Be Continued…

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