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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 48

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty Seven, read it HERE

Days passed and Isla hadn’t called to inform me of any jobs.Probably there wasn’t any available at that moment.Meanwhile I was still waiting on Kemi concerning her protection stuff.She was taking her final year exams and needed all the concentration she could get.Inorder to ensure she was academically sound for her degree exams, I hardly visited her because I knew one thing would lead to another and we would be f*cking our brains out.That would be a bogous distraction for the busty girlfriend of mine.So in the absence of Kemi’s company and Isla’s contracts I fused with home and helped out in one or two chores.Either driving victor to school or washing the cars.

It had been a long while I did some of those things since my lifestyle was gradually tearing me away from my family.Even my aunt Stephe was beginning to notice how distant I stayed from everyone.I was either in my room alone or I was away from home for couple of days or kept late nights.The issue of staying away from home and keeping late nights, usually got my aunt and I arguing.She threatened to tell her husband if I kept on with the habit but I ignored her threats and continued to wallow in my self destructive lifestyle.

Several times my dad visited me at my aunt’s place owing to reports about me, and several times we had heated arguments which usually got me walking away from him.Everyone was getting fed up with my wayward and carefree attitude towards life but to my surprise, my aunt’s husband always told my aunt to give me a chance to change.I usually thought he would throw me out of his house once he discovered my lifestyle.So despite how much my family complained and wailed, it all fell on deaf ears.I was a 2nd Flight man in a frat, so I needed no one to boss me around.I was a boss of my own.But deep down in me, my subconscious always wept for the man I had become.I was no longer the loving and caring Goodheart people used to know.Infact nothing interested me other than being in the midst of my soul brothers and gyrating round the flames at night.So it happened that on a particular night, I had finished from the meeting of the brotherhood and was dead drunk as expected before making my way home.

The gateman was startled by the way I banged on the gate.It was late in the night, let’s say 10:00 pm, when I came home on that warm night, dropped off by my friends who drove away immediately.I was bare at the torso just the way I had been at the meeting, say for my polo shirt which hung lacadesically over my left shoulder.

“Who be that?” the gateman roared in response.

“Na your father”, I replied drunkenly.”Abeg open gate for me joor”

I heard shuffling footsteps, followed by metal clanging and the gate creaked open.

“Sorry oga I no know sey na you”, the gateman apologized and I gave him a resounding slap which got him wincing.

My eyes scanned round the vast compound and I noticed uncle Phillip’s car wasn’t around.And the house seemed quite from outside.So I turned to the gateman.

“Where is everybody?” I demanded.

“Dem go church”, he grumbled.

That was when I remembered that day was a vigil.It was the last day of the month and my aunt’s pastor usually held a crossover vigil on that day.Ignoring the still frowning gateman, I walked to the front door of the house.

The door went open the moment I touched the handle.It came as a surprise to me because I had expected the door to be locked since no one was around.I had wanted to use my own key at first but just felt like turning the handle before the door gave away to my awe.Putting my keys back in my back pocket, I stepped into the house.

I could hear a slight noice from upstairs.The noice seemed to increase as I climbed the stairs.And on getting to the second flight of stairs, I noticed it was running shower.Someone was in the bathroom humming as well.The humming seized the moment my steps broke the silence and I heard the voice call out.

“Who’s there?”

It was Yemisi, the nanny.I didn’t reply (i was too tipsy to do that) but walked past the bathroom door, on my way to my room.Then the bathroom door opened and Yemisi poked out her head, hiding the rest of her body behind the door.

“Oh sir…’s you”, she said,”You’re welcome”.

I only nodded and walked into my room as I sprawled on the bed reeking of alcohol.Sooner afterwards, I heard Yemisi calling out again.

“Sir!…sir!…please can you hear me?”

“Yemisi what is it?” I bellowed from my room.

“Please come…no vex abeg”, she stated.

Wriggling lousily on the bed, I reluctantly got up to answer her call and met her head poked out like before, with water dripping down her jaw.

“Please help me with the towel on the rack beside you”, she pleaded.

“Why didn’t you take it along?” I asked.

“I’m sorry I forgot”, she explained,” Moreover I was the only one at home, so I had intended to get it myself”

I could notice a hint of sarcasm in her last words but I ignored it.Picking her fluffy pink towel from the towel rack, I walked to the bathroom door and handed it to her.But instead of stretching her hands to collect it, she threw the door ajar (snatching the towel) and I was hit by the sight of her Unclad body.

For a second I stood transfixed as my eyes hovered around her wet voluptuous body.The cascading water on her skin enhanced the sensuality of her movements as she dried herself before me.All this while, Yemisi had a faint mischievous smile on her lips as she damped her body.I swear her hips were looking larger than the last time I saw it bare.Then she decided to take her seduction to another level by massaging and toweling her already dry big breasts.I didn’t know if it was the alcohol working, but that was the highest I could endure as I stepped forward and pulled her towards me.And she looked up into my bloodshot eyes in feigned shock.

“Why do you keep tempting me, you daughter of eve?” I asked

“No sir…I…i’m not….” and I turned away pulling her roughly along and heading to my room.

I pushed her down to the bed and she fell on her back, causing her b00bs to bounce on her chest.I could see expectation in her eyes as she lay eagle spread looking up at me.Yemisi had always wanted me to f*ck her again.And now she had succeeded in getting me to do so.

“You want me to f*ck you right?” i asked

“Yes sir….!” she rasped in anticipation

And within seconds, my clothes left my body and I tossed them aside and fell between her large thighs as her eyes kept fixed at my bulbous Attention.

“Come and f*ck me sir” she urged me.”I want that animal in you” and I pulled her closer by her thighs and took my lips to her waiting pusse (she gasped).Her pusse tasted quite salty but juicy as I began to devour her.I let my tongue trace the folds of her puffy pusse lips gently while she shuddered with each prod of my eager tongue.Her juice was oozing out in large quantity and I lapped at it with my tongue and smeared it over her clit and she gasped, “ahhh….ohhh” as I continued teasing her.By the time I had taken my lips off her cuñt she was writhing in ecstacy.And I roughly drove my c0ck into her.

I bent over to suck her b00bs with my d!ck in her.She held them up for me as I moved my lips from one nippIe to another while fõndling her jugs.She caressed my head with both hands and rasped aloud:

“F*ck me hard sir”

That was all it took and my waist began to jerk in successive thrusts.

Yemisi wriggled and writhed, clutching her breasts with her eyes deeply shut as she received my pummeling.

“Ahhh….ohhh, sir yes…mmhhh” she moaned as I pounded her like an animal.The alcohol was having it’s toll on me and I forgot it was my aunt’s nanny I was riding as i rammed her mature pusse.

I was now in cloud 9 (and so was she) as I kept f*cking her with in rapid thrusts while she continued moaning.

“Yesss, good boy….f*ck me….f*ck me”.

Her moanings were becoming uncontrollable as her voice transcended into screams of pleasure.And she grabbed on tight to my shoulders, digging her fingers into my flesh and began to hyperventilate.Soon I felt my load building up and I thrusted harder (she spread her legs wider), before I groaned aloud.

“I’m coming Yemisi…I coming” and she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeper as I tried to pull out of her.And I bellowed shamelessly spurting my Pour into her yawning cuñt.But I didn’t stop ramming her repeatedly.And within few minutes, she fell under the orgasmic aunction as her legs flew upwards while she gave a gluttural cry.I tappered to a slow halt and meant to withdraw from her, but she protested.

“No!…come back here”, she rasped pulling my face down to her bossom.

“Let me go, Yemisi”, I demanded.But she held me closer.

“The night is still fresh sir, and we are alone”, she said.”I just want more of you”. And she cuddled me to her heaving bossom.

To Be Continued…

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