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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 46

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty Five, read it HERE

The clash between the two sects became more bloody with each passing day and many of us fell to the deadly massacre.Some were hacked to death with axes while some were abducted just like I was and killed; and some dismembered.It was a bloody season for the brotherhood as we felt the full wrath of a combined hit from the enemy and their branches from different universities.They also had their fair share of the bloodshed too, as many of them bled like pigs and some begged for their lives before their breath was snuffed away from them.Despite the rampaging massacre, every man whether from my brotherhood or the enemies, stood their ground and enforced the campaign of bloodshed because that was the time to know the real men.That was the time to test your allegiance to your oath.And that was the time to watch out for a soul brother.And owing to Kemi’s advice, I lay low for that moment but the heat of combat kept radiating towards me and I did as much as possible to stay off grid.Through my position as a 2nd Flight man, I saw less of the onslaught but was more of a tactitian and commander.This was the part my Capone loved about me the most.My brilliance and ability to plan raids and deduce a proper exfil for the boys.He needed to preserve the lives of his men as much as he could.So throughout that period I was based at his place as we would point out strategies and logistics with which we could hit our enemies hard.His love for me was increasing by the day.And I used that opportunity to get close to him and discovered so many things about him.

The Capone was not just an orphan as he claimed to be, but had cold heartedly murdered his own father in cold blood.His mother who couldn’t bear the shock of her husband’s death also passed away few weeks to the husband’s burial and both of them ended up being buried on the same day.But it would be surprising to know that the Capone never showed up for that burial.He went AWOL (absent without leave) and the Police already had him on their case file.That is to say, he was really a wanted man.

Lord Sloane the Capone was the brutest of men I have ever seen.He hardly thought twice before drawing blood from a man. His presence alone instilled fear among the men, but we had come to know him as a brother.

“Fear me not”, he would always say,”But do not push thy luck too far”.

Need I say he was Isla’s war machine.His dealings with Isla ranged from drugs to prostitution rings which involved noteable men in the society.Actually Isla had gotten him quite connected.And that was why despite several times the police tried to get him arrested, he always found a way out.He was like a smoke.At a time you see him at a place and the next time…POOF!!…He was gone.Isla really had him covered and it would only take a very strong job and clear evidence by the police to drag the Capone and the Baroness into their net.And that was why the police, as of then, had a number of non-uniformed police officers posing as students on campus, in a bid to track down Isla and the Capone.But each attempt they made always failed….Well, let’s get back to the story line.

During that inter fraternity clash, I hardly left the capone’s side.Isla did visit me at his house and we would f*ck like there was no tomorrow.If f*cking Isla was my only means of staying of the police radar, I would gladly do it, I thought.I needed to pay my dues to her to gain her protection and coverage.So during one of those days, Isla, the Capone and I were sitting at the dinning (in the Capone’s house) when Toby rushed into the house looking out of breath.

“Una still dey here?” he panted

“Na wetin be that?” the capone asked sharply sensing danger as Isla grabbed her purse on the table.

“Executioner….Executioner don fall”, Toby breathed.

“Execu….but how?” I asked in astonishment, because I knew the Executioner was impermeable by bullets.His skin was like bullet proof,”Toby wetin happen?”

“He was shot by our rivals an hour ago outside Delta park (one of Uniports close campuses).

“But wait oo, how did they manage to penetrate him?” I asked

“Guy…juju dey pass juju ooo”, he heaved.”The police have his corpse now shaa”. Toby concluded.

This meant trouble.I turned to look at the capone, and for the first time I saw livid fear in his eyes.He noticed my gaze and composed himself, but it was not possible hiding that expression of phobia on his face.

“Toby…..”, the Capone growled,”Tell every man to lie low for now.Everyone should go invisible.There’s more to this than meets the eye…I’m leaving town”.

Having said those words, he dismissed everyone and all man went on his own.Toby passed the message to the brotherhood and each man bagan to fall off the grid.So the next day I made my way to the nearest bus park and boarded the first bus on my way to Onitsha.This was not a flight from our enemies.It was a time to regroup and ammend our flaws.

‘If we needed to keep fighting, we needed to survive to fight another day’.

To Be Continued…

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