-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 44

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty Three, read it HERE

A Twisted Prophecy

The rains were beginning to increase as I crossed the lonely road, heading into the hedge of bush by the roadside.I trotted weakly, limping on my left leg and feeling the cold air fill my lungs, while the splattering rains hurt my eyes.The sounds of approaching footsteps were tappering behind, and closing in with each step I took in that horrible night.My death was few feets away from me and I had the option of running till I could run no more.For certainly I was not armed, and could not single-handedly take on the large number of men following my trail.To my greatest relief, I came by a tiny hut in the midst of a clearing and I believed it could belong to a hunter.(Emohua community was close to Uniport and they had a good number of hunters).Limping swiftly, I made for the rear side of the hut because I knew that once my pursuers got to that spot, they would halt and come into the hut.Probably that would buy me enough time.But for the meantime, I needed to catch my breath.

I rummaged my right side pocket and brought out my NOKIA 3310 (very strong phone with great battery life).The battery indicator was at 2 bars and I heaved a sigh of relief.Atleast that would go a long way for me to put some calls through.So I scrolled to my call log and dialled the Capone’s number.It didn’t ring long before he picked.

“Hello, Flame…where you dey?” his voice was tensed.

“Capo na long story….men on me!”

“Where you dey?” he asked again, and I gave him my location before the line went dead.

Minutes passed and my pursuers hadn’t drawn close to the spot I was.And I wondered what had delayed them.Probably they had gotten fed up with the chase or lost my track.I had stayed there for God-knows-how-long when I heard rustlings from the hedge beside me.Immediately a strange figure stepped out of the shadows within the blade of elephant grasses and pointed his gun at me.

“Please don’t shoot me”, I pleaded my last and the person called my name,”Flame! na you be that?” he asked.I immediately identified the caller to be Fly.

“Thank God”, I rasped,”Fly na me”

Fly rushed to where I was and pulled me up to my feet.He seemed elated to see me and told me they had all thought I was dead after no one could give an account of my sudden disappearance.As we talked, I noticed more rustlings as more men appeared from the shadows and i quickly identified one as the capone.They strutted to where Fly and I was.

“Guy na wetin you dey do here?” the capone asked.

“Boss i had to hide here”, i answered.

“So you no know sey na shrine be dis”

That was when i took a good look at the surroundings.It was truly a shrine.Earlier i had thought of it as a hunter’s hut.No wonder my pursuers decided to turn back.They knew about the place.Without much ado, my guys led me away with me leaning on Fly’s shoulder as we made our way to the main road.

To Be Continued…

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