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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 43

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty Two, read it HERE

The assailants meant business as there was a continuous rain of gun shots.The capone had now collapsed atop his girlfriend still taking shots and looking undaunted.Never had I seen a man’s body repel bullets like the capone’s.The other times I had seen such things was with the Executioner but he usually had bullet holes in his clothes (though unharmed).But for the case of the capone, his shirt was still intact leaving me bewildered.

Fly had managed to wriggle to his feet and fired two shots which sent two of the assailants falling down.That gave the capone enough time to move his girlfriend to safety inside the confines of the bar’s toilet and returned to the first sit-out to match the fire power of our attackers as the other brothers stood their ground and also began to return fire.One thing saved my life that day.I was stuck in my position were I had ducked earlier.But one of the attackers who had pointed his gun at me came in close to the second sit-out where I was and had mistaken me for an ordinary customer (since I was seated far away from the brotherhood) thereby ignoring me.But as he turned to go I picked up the Gulder bottle which I had drank from earlier, and sent a swift swipe at his head which left him crashing to the floor with a groan.Quickly I picked up his gun and ducked my way to the backyard, where I met so many customers hiding for safety.They screamed the moment they saw the AK rifle in my hands, and I hushed them up trying to convince them I was harmless.And I wriggled through the narrow opening at the base of the rusty backyard gate (with my right cheek plastered to the dusty ground) hoping it was a perfect escape route.That was when I saw a pair of black boots shuffle before my face and I meant to look up but then came a sharp blow to my head and the next thing…..a black out…..I passed out.


I awoke to a giddy feeling in my head and a pang of sharp headache.My eyes felt heavy as I tried to open them and funny enough I couldn’t bring down my arms as i stood on my feet.My arms seemed to be held above my head to something.And I shook my hands to hear clanging sounds.Then I knew i was tied with arms up to a chain running from the ceiling.I tried moving my feet but to no avail.Gradually my eyes adjusted to the dim lit room and I looked down to see that my feet were also held in chains to a loop on the floor (i was in a holding room).Where was I? I wondered.More like a jig-saw puzzle, the previous events began to fit into place in my head and I felt the bony area around my eyes hurt deeply.

“Boss the guy don wake oo”, a barritone voice said.That was when I realized I wasn’t the only one in the room.

From the dim lit shadows, a lanky figure stepped out and walked towards me into the faint light.And i immediately recognized him as the light skin guy from the bar.He was the boss in charge.Then he gave his now farmiliar smile.

“Good to know you were the scapegoat”, he said.

“What do you want?” I asked

He turned to look at the other guy and they both bursted into a raucous laughter.Then his face instantly beacame mean and creased.

“You ask what I want?….I want vengeance”

“For what?”, I feigned ignorance

And he struck a blow to my stomach which sent my intestines churning.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know me or what I mean.You personally brought down our capone right”

I couldn’t talk as I was still wriggling in the pains from the blow I had received, and he continued.

“I recognized you from the moment I walked into that bar”, he grinned.”Too bad our guys let you live.And too good you were the scapegoat”.

Then he told me he was the new capone and he had ordered his men to bring along a scapegoat whom he was to gourge out his eyes and send back to the brotherhood as a tip of the iceberg.He called on the other guy in the room to splash water on me so I wouldn’t pass out again.The guy did as instructed, drenching my pants and boxer shorts in water before plastering a resounding slap to my face.

“Water!…I need water”, I rasped.

“You go die today”, he sneered and walked away leaving me alone in the dark room as I soon slowly drifted to slumber in my weakness.

It was already dusk by the time I opened my eyes.A sound had woken me.By now the room was pitch dark and I stirred unrestfully expecting someone to show up.

“Please I want to go!…Pleeease!!”, I called out and broke into sobs.

Perhaps this was a punishment for all the evil things I had done.I had once been in a similar situation during my teenage.But I guessed God had helped me out of that situation because I was still a kid then.But here I was, fully conscious of my actions and I believed this could probably be the end for me.I was still wallowing in self pity when I saw the beams of a rechargeable lantern approaching, alongside crunching footsteps and the door swung open as a man stepped into the room bearing the lantern.The light beams fell on a metallic object in his hands and my eyes instantly caught the sight of a surgeons scalpel clutched in his grip.My heart skipped beats.It was time to gourge my eyes out.

The strange man walked close to me and held the lantern to my face.I dimmed my eyes from the precipitating light beams and he lifted my chin.

“Chineke….Obioma!” the man exclaimed.

I startled and looked straight at the man but the beams were blinding me.But I was certain that whoever he was to have called my Ibo name must know me too well.Not everyone knew me as Obioma.The man seemed to notice me struggling to make out his face and dimmed the lantern.And the very farmiliar face of Dr.Okeke (real names withheld) peered into my eyes.

“Sir…but sir…what are you doing here?” I stuttered.

“I should be the one asking you that?” he rasped.

Actually Dr.Okeke was from my community and he worked with a company hospital.He knew my family too well and I was more like a son to him.

“Obioma….so you’re a cultist?” he asked with surprise.

“It’s a long story sir”, I panted.”But what are you doing here?”

He smacked his lips and took of his half rimmed glasses.

“Actually i’m the fraternity’s doctor.And i get paid by their sponsors.I get paid even more than I get from my job”.

“Ah ah…uncle why?”

“There’s no big money in being a normal doctor my son”.

“So you are to cut out my eyes?….eh uncle?”

He then told me he had been doing the job for a long time.He also told me that he was told to cut out my eyes because they needed a professional to do it, inorder to prevent killing me in the process.That was when I knew these guys had a different plan all together.They just wanted to send my eyes as a message and let me go blind for life.That was a typical way fraternities punished an enemy.By maiming and inflicting handicaping injuries for the rest of the person’s life.Then I began to weep.

“Uncle please don’t” I begged amidst tears.And the man dropped the lantern.

“I won’t harm you my son”, he said,”I guess today is your lucky day” and he embraced me.”Just wait for me, I won’t be long”

It was already beginning to rain lightly as I could hear the rain thuds on the rooftop.Within minutes, the man came back with a bunch of keys in his hands and my handset.There were some missed calls on the screen and he opened them and showed it to me….12 Missed Calls < >….that was my capone.And he shook his head and put the phone into my pocket shaking his head in disappointment.

“Ahhh Obioma…an only son like you, in a cult ” he hissed.

“Uncle i’m sorry” I pleaded.

He bent down and unlocked the padlock on my feet and rose up to unlock the one on my wrist.

“Uncle what are you doing?” I asked

“Youngman stop asking questions.Just leave this place” and I stood aside.

“But what about you sir?…what would you tell them?”

“I don’t know…..I guess this is just the end for me…..I think this is an opportunity for me to correct all the evil I have done”


“Just go!” he yelled “Before I change my mind”.

I couldn’t believe this man was doing this.I couldn’t believe he was taking the risk for me.Certainly this could cost him his life.I still stood in disbelief when the sound of approaching footsteps rented the air.

“Dr O.K, you don do am?” a voice bellowed from the corridor and i hastily made for the window and slid the pane open, tearing the netting as well.Before you could say jack, I was already out.

The bungalow inwhich I was kept captive was in a remote area of Emohua community, devoid of human presence and directly facing the road.I could now hear the voices of the guys yelling at Dr.Okeke as I ran weakly.I turned back and suddenly I saw flashes of light accompanied by gunshots.They had just shot the doctor.And I could hear them calling for a chase at me.At that instant I knew this was nemesis calling for my blood.Afterall what goes around must come around.I was now reaping the fruits of my bad choices.

‘Probably this was payback time’, I thought as I ran into the dark night as much as my weak legs could carry me.

To Be Continued…

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