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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 42

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty One, read it HERE

After that particular confrontation between Kemi and I, she accosted Isla the following week (bítch to bítch) and insisted she left me alone.But the Baroness was adamant about letting me off her hook, and I myself was beginning to see strong reasons with Kemi as i desisted from any sexual activity with the Baroness throughout that week.My mind had been restless after all Kemi had told me concerning the Baroness and her sister.For the first time in a long while my conscience pricked me deeply, and i realised it would be my fault if anything happened to my dear Kemi.Let me admit one fact here.Though i never really loved Kemi as such (since my cold heart held no love), I had much respect for her as a woman and my girlfriend too.And the only way i could reward her undying love for me was to protect and care for her.Most times i would pray to God (hoping he would listen to a sinner like me) to give me the heart to love and fall in love.I had heard people talk about LOVE severally and i had always wished to experience what it felt like….Despite my cold heartedness and lack of emotions, my heart missed the sweet and peaceful feeling accompanying love as i often envied those who claimed to be in-love.But as my lifestyle would have it, my heart was already sold to the dark covens of the underworld, robbing me of the slightest pang of emotion.That is what one gets when he or she deals with the hordes of hell.You become a living dead and an enemy to human existence, programmed to feel no joy, no pain, but only hate and vengeance.Meanwhile, Isla kept on ringing my phone demanding to see me at her place, while i gave her excuses as to why i wouldn’t honour her invitations.Ofcourse i knew she would miss me because i always gave her a good kinky s*x whenever she had me between her luscious thighs.That same week my capone called me on the phone, instructing me to see him at once.He sounded so urgent and disturbed that hot afternoon.And we arranged to meet at a bar not too far from the campus.

I arrived the place of the meeting after lecture by evening.Seated round two tables when I walked into the delinquent bar were members of the brotherhood and the capone’s girlfriend.Discreetly we exchanged our insignia handshake and the capone called me aside to an empty table.The look on his face showed that the issue we were about to discuss was of grave importance.But before he began he called on the bar girl to bring me a bottle of my favourite beer Gulder.Then he turned back to ensure his babe was fine.

“Baby hope you’re good?” he asked and the light skin beauty replied,”Yes dear.But hurry up and come back to the table please”.

I gulped in a mouthful of the frosty beer.And the capone cleared his throat.

“Isla has been complaining about you of recent” he growled.

“Isla?…about what?” I queried

“About her agreement with you”

And I puffed out air,”You mean our agreement of f*cking her?”

“Well….i guess it was an agreement” he stated.

“Look boss”, I explained,”I should be the one to decide when I want a woman, not to be called upon like a s?x toy whenever she wants” and the capone smiled wryly.

“You talk as if you don’t know how these things work”, he said.

“Honestly, i’m getting tired of the whole thing I must confess”

“Tired?…you mean tired of the jobs too?”

“No…not the jobs….but tired of Isla’s insatiable pusse” I affirmed

The capone leaned back on his seat and studied me for a while as my fingers played with the brown bottle before me.Then he heaved.

“Why do I get this feeling your girlfriend is putting you up to this?” he asked

“Seriously capone, leave Kemi out of this.She has nothing to do with it”

“But she confronted Isla in a hot arguement earlier this week concerning you”

“Kemi is only being a woman and protecting what is hers” I replied

“I see…”, the capone nodded.”And one day she’ll probably want you to quit the jobs”

I didn’t say a word but kept my gaze fixed on the bottle of beer.And he continued:

“Let me tell you something Flame….no one dares to hang a leg when it comes to the Baroness.I may forgive you as a brother, but Isla will never….remember you owe her your life”.

That was when I exploded in anger.”For how long boss, for how long!….I keep being reminded of the fact she saved my Buttocks from the police and for that I have to loose my freedom as a man huh?”

The capone slammed his fist on the table startling everyone around (and all eyes were turned towards our table) as my bottle of beer collapsed on the table.

“Flame…I urge you….don’t anger the powers that be” he stated coldly.”This is not a threat, but a warning from a brother for your own good” and he stood up to walk away, then turned to face me “And keep Kemi out of Isla’s tracks before someone gets hurt”.

Having said this, he walked back to join his girlfriend and the others at the round tables and I remained back in my seat brooding on what he had just told me.One thing was certain.I had to keep Kemi away from the Baroness inorder not to loose her.But how do I get away from all these? The whole brotherhood issue was becoming a tiring weight on my shoulders, and look at where it has landed me….I was now Isla’s puppet.There was no going back for me now, and the last thing I could do now was to break the agreement between us.That would definitely see me on my way to jail for that particular raid at Owerri.Oh God! I was stuck.How i wished Kemi could understand my situation and just bear with me for the mean time till I worked out a perfect plan.Probably I could cut off the s*x between Isla and I and keep up with the contract so as not to step on toes or the ‘powers that be’, just as the capone had said.I think that was the right thing to do.But will Isla be ready to let go off my d!ck? I wondered.

I was still brooding when a light skin lanky guy walked in and took a seat not too far from mine.I could swear I had seen him somewhere but just couldn’t place it.His face held a strong familiarity which left my mind puzzled and he had a dark shades on.The guy seemed to notice me staring at him and smiled and I nodded in cognizance as he turned away.Minutes later his phone rang and he picked the call, stood up and walked away leaving an eerie feeling behind his trail.

Something was not right about the guy.Despite he smiled at me, he had this eerie aura surrounding him.I knew what i felt because my instincts had never failed me before.Infact it was what had kept me alive up till that moment.Suddenly it all came flashing back to me…..Yes!…..I remember now….I had seen the guy’s face from the hostel raid back at Owerri (he was definitely from the enemy frat we had hit on).This meant serious danger.I was about leaving my seat to go inform the others when a white Toyota bus screeched to a halt infront of the bar (i crouched).

“Guys, men on you!” I alerted the others.

And some well armed guys hopped out swiftly, bolting into the bar and opened fire towards the brotherhood’s table, sending other customers scampering for safety as two of our men dropped dead instantly, with the others trying to dive for cover.While the capone shielded his girlfriend as his impermeable body took several sporadic shots.

To Be Continued…

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