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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 41

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Forty, read it HERE

We got to Isla’s crib by 8:00 pm that evening, making sure we weren’t followed.She was already seated with the capone waiting for our arrival.Isla’s eyes brightened with enthusiasm the moment we walked in, carrying the bags.Immediately she stubbed her cigarette in the ash tray and impatiently unzipped the bags one after the other.The expression of greed and accomplishment was on her face as she turned to stare at the capone whose facial expression was not far from Isla’s.

“Sloane they’ve truly got it”, she cooed.And the capone turned to stare at me with satisfaction.

“Weldone Flame”, he said checking the contents of the duffel bag which Isla had passed to him. All these while we sat motionless watching the two frat leaders revel in the euphoria of our success.Like was expected, we popped drinks and clanged glasses to celebrate our breakthrough.And I wondered how suddenly I had become a mercenary over night for the evil Baroness, and what awaited me in the future.Ofcourse the money was going to flow, but I was about delving deeper into the unknown realms of lurking danger.And as time went on, I executed more jobs for Isla, and my exploits were sang within and outside the brotherhood, sending messages to my enemies and making me a prime target for those who saw me as a growing threat.
Meanwhile Isla and I were became entangled in a s*x web.She had me at her beck and call, and I was beginning to enjoy the debaucherous adventure myself as my conscience was becoming drenched in the zenith of moral decadence.


Despite the dirty jobs I did for Isla and the sexual commitment, it didn’t stop me from showing affection to my girl Kemi who wasn’t aware I had ties with Isla.For a reason I had kept away any information having to do with the dirty job from Kemi.I knew she would oppose my working for the Baroness, considering how risky the job was and how much she cared about me.But from the proceeds of the loots I did my best to give Kemi those things a lady would crave for.I got her a brand new phone, a nice accomodation which was situated outside campus, and also changed her wardrobe.And on her birthday I ordered for a gold necklace from a goldsmith which had her initials K.A crested into the pendant.She couldn’t believe her eyes when I presented it to her in the midst of her friends; and she held me in a warm embrace pressing her soft melons to my chest.Though she kept inquiring about the source of my sudden financial boom just as i had expected, I told her my aunt’s husband was responsible and she didn’t doubt me owing to the fact that she knew my aunt’s husband was a very successful, wealthy and generous man.But on a certain day, I got to Kemi’s place and she welcomed me absent the usual romance which she was fond of and I knew something was wrong.
Leaving me at the door (after opening it), she walked back into the house sulkingly and I followed suit, closing the door behind me.

“Kemi what is it?” I asked impatiently.She didn’t answer but walked to the centre of the sitting room then turned to face me abruptly.

“Did you strike a deal with that she-devil, Isla?” she queried.

I stood agape not knowing what to say.I knew she was bound to find out someday but not so soon.

“Why do you ask? And how did you know?” I queried

“Just answer the question” she spat

I walked to the window, leaning on the iron bars, not wanting to look into her demanding eyes.Certainly the truth had to be told, and there was no escaping it this time.So i turned to face her.

“Yes I work for Isla now” I replied

“Oh poo!” Kemi gasped clutching her head.She couldn’t believe her ears.”Do you know who that lady is?….the wife of lucifer”

“It wasn’t as if I had a choice”, I explained.”She coaxed me into working for her”

“How baby?…how could you fall for her antics?”

“Seriously it was beyond my control”, I stated.And I told Kemi all about the police investigation and how Isla had closed the case.She listened to me with rapt attention and i saw awe smeared allover her face.

“It wasn’t my fault” I shrugged.

She seemed to see reasons with me but her face was still creased with worry.

“I know Isla.I’ll be dammed if she’s not after your Joystick too”

“Nahhh baby”, I lied.

“Are you sure?

“No she’s not” I replied

“But sooner or later she would come for it.That lady is dangerous.She can ruin you to smitherings.”

“Really?” I asked in pretence.

“Isla gets whatever she wants and what she can’t get no other person will.I know what i’m talking about”

“You seem to know a lot about Isla?” I asked.

“Enough to get you scared…That bloody Dam”, she spat.

From the way Kemi spoke, something told me she must have had a bitter experience with Isla in the past.

“So tell me”, I began “Have you had an encounter with Isla in the past?”

She heaved deeply and sat on the bed burying her face in her palms.I could notice the pespiration building in her palms.

“Not me actually….but my elder sister Bimbo”

Seriously I knew Kemi once had an elder sister whom she said was dead.What she never told me was her connection with the Baroness.And I walked to sit close to her.

“Tell me about it”, I demanded.

That was when Kemi opened up on everything concerning her sister’s death.Kemi told me her sister Bimbo had been in charge of Isla’s prostitution ring and she was also a member of Isla’s frat.But trouble ensued one day when Bimbo caught Isla in bed with her Fiancé.They had a long quarrel within and outside the sorority (the female version of fraternity) till Isla murdered Bimbo in cold blood in her hostel room during her final year.She had carried out the assassination alone because the matter was so personal to her.I couldn’t get myself to believe all she had told me.Truly Isla was a mean bîtch.

“And how did you find out it was Isla?” I demanded.

“I had to travel to my place at Ijebu Ode and met a powerful Baba who revealed everything to me.But he said if I don’t take time, history will repeat itself”

This one got me shocked.Then she turned to me.”So you see baby…Isla is not an ideal business partner.The baba’s prophecy could manifest through you”

“Through me?”

“Yes…through you”, she emphasized.”There’s a possibility Isla could kill me if she can’t own you…just like she killed my sister”.

Little did Kemi know I was already deeply involved with the evil Baroness, as there was no way out for me.And I dared not tell her.But if all she had told me were pure facts, then danger was looming near….Very near enough to raise hell.

To Be Continued…

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