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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 40

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Nine, read it HERE

We arrived the venue of the exchange discreetly that evening.The transaction was to be done in the guest house of the buyer.We parked our Toyota Corolla a stone throw from the mansion and were there till 6:00 pm when the dealer arrived, as the gate was rolled aside and the two cars drove in.I knew one of the cars carried his men.You never can tell the odds.In a business like this you trust no one.Possibly the buyer had his men in there too.Inorder not to be taken unawares we needed to send a spy inside.So I instructed the familiar wing guard to go into the compound and spy for us.Atleast her feminine charms would gain her an entrance.

We sat watching the leggy lady walk round the car hood and headed to the gate then she knocked.It didn’t take time and a security man opened up and began to query her as a conversation ensued.Soon the security man was laughing and only God knew what the lady told him and he allowed her into the compound before looking both ways down the road (we ducked) to ensure the coast was safe.And he closed the gate.Finally we had an intel inside.Then I turned to the others.

“Remember the rules of engagement” I instructed,”Don’t shoot until we are under fire” and we waited for the lady’s signal.

We waited for about 20 minutes and I was beginning to worry for her safety when the busty Executioner’s phone rang.

“Hello” she grumbled and listened into the phone for a minute before dropping; and turned to face us,”She’s entertaining the buyer.And she said there are only six armed men within the compound…so we waited for her signal.”

“Mehn time dey go” Toby murmured and the lady Executioner cast him a disapproving look. Two minutes afterwards, the Executioner’s phone beeped again and this time it was a text message which she passed to me.


With that I knew we were ready to storm the place.

Stepping down from the vehicle, we held our weapons at the ready and marched down to the gate.We didn’t even waste a second and the gate flew open and we stepped in, passing the unconscious body of the security man who lay behind an SUV.The wing guard led the way (Toby had given her a weapon) and we walked into a seat out where a guy on jeans lay on a couch (probably one of the guards) with his gun on the floor.And on sighting us, he meant to grab his gun.But the well trained Executioner was fast enough to silence him with a throw of her knife which caught him in the throat as he clutched his neck gurgling on his own blood.That was one man down….five men to go.

Our discreet movement had paid off as we were now heading up the stairs unspotted with me behind.And we got into the first floor that was when the whole thing went kablam!.One of the guards had spotted us and took a shot which missed the Executioner by inches, and richocheted on the smooth wall.That put the others on alert and the whole place went amok with rapid bursts of guns as I heard footsteps taking flight from the other end of the balcony.Under my signal, Toby and I chased towards the footsteps leaving the two ladies with Fly as we followed the footsteps up the stairs, heading for the second floor. We got to the second floor and found no one (still hearing shots below) and walked quietly passing quite a number of doors which lined the passage.Two of the doors seemed to have been tampered with and I signal Toby to step into one of the rooms, while I headed into the other with my pump action gripped firm in my hands.

I stepped into the comfy and executive room which had some funny artworks hanging on the wall and eyes scanned about.This was not a new situation to me and I had learnt to expect the unimaginable.The rifle in my arms seemed quite heavy and I quietly dropped it and brought out my pistol from under my cloth.If I had to survive in this room it would depend on my speed.The rifle could slow me down.I knew someone was hiding somewhere in the room and I stepped towards the bathroom door and a shot rang down stairs as I heard a man scream in agony.The moment I pushed the door open, a deadly blow swung at me, knocking me some steps backwards and I recovered quickly to find my assailant lurching at me.

He was stocky and well built and could defeat me in a hand to hand combat as he dived at me, pushing me to the glassy centre table (my gun fell off) which almost knocked me out, but I managed to wriggle from his grip and threw a weak punch at him which only got him covering his face and I slid away from him.We were both fighting for survival and in these state every man was a desperate animal.And I meant to stand on my feet but he pulled me back, ripping the back of my shirt; and out of desperation, I reached for a piece of the shattered glass from the center table and swung at him.But he was quick enough to put his left hand in the way and the glass sunk into his wrist and he gave out a guttural cry of pain.That was my only chance to survive and I dived at my pistol.But before I could turn back, the guy had bolted out of the room knocking Toby (who was stepping out of the other room) aside and headed down the stairs.

He ran desperately; and in the end he missed a footing and tumbled down the second flight of stairs as he rolled down the the corridor in a thud.By the time Toby and I got to him, he was already unconscious from the great fall, with his left wrist bleeding out.He was the buyer.That was when I noticed the duffel bag in Toby’s hand, and he saw me staring at it and smiled.

“Na the powder dey inside” he said.

“How many kilograms?” I asked

“Omo na that one I no sabi oo”

Soon we were joined by the other ladies and Fly who had a bruise on his right cheek.

“What of everyone?” I asked

“They’re down”, the Executioner replied as the wing guard dropped the medium sized ‘Ghana must go’ bag she held.

“And that’s the cash” she emphasized.

I zipped the bag open to check for the viability of the stash of Naira notes which i comfirmed were genuine.Without wasting time.We grabbed our loots and headed to west wing of the compound on our way back to Isla.


I had survived that day.Probably that day was not my time to die.Once more I had cheated the harbinger of death….but how long will I keep surviving till my luck ran out…for one day, nemesis will come calling for the mistakes and wrong choices i had made.Well, let’s just live for the moment I thought as we skidded the freeway.

To Be Continued…

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