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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 38

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Seven, read it HERE

Everywhere was quiet when I got back home that morning.The event between Ita and i was still creeping in my head.Did Ema really intend to shoot me?….and what had stopped her.Despite she was hurt, I knew she didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger.Atleast i was now used to pulling triggers and i knew what it entailed….strong liver (but seriously i never knew she had a gun).Standing before the gate, i was about calling the gateman to open up when I heard someone signal me from behind, and I turned back to see a farmiliar face walking up to me.It was a lady, and i remember seeing her face at the õrgy party at the capone’s place.She was one of Isla’s girls.She strutted to me with a smile on her face.

“The Baroness would like to see you”, she said indicating at a sleek Peugoet car parked a stone throw away from my house.And I studied the environment to see if there were more stalkers, because I was sure I had been stalked.Fortunately the coast seemed clear, so I signalled the lady to lead the way as I hesitantly followed behind her.When I got to the car, I found her seated at the back seat and she pushed the door open for me to get in as another lady clad in a leather jacket and leggings stepped out (from Baroness’ left hand side) from the car to give me enough room with her boss.While the familiar lady and the leather clad lady stood at the trunk of the car.They were on guard as I could make out the bulge of a pistol behind the leather-clad lady’s clothe.Then I turned to focus on the s*xy** Barroness who was seated by my left.

“How did you know my place?” I asked her

She smiled wryly before she answered.

“My oh my…’re a golden fish remember? So no hiding place”.

And she caressed my thighs with a wild gusto as I could see lust burning in her eyes.

“So tell me…what brings the Baroness to my place?” I asked.She immediately withdrew her hands from my thighs and her brows creased.

“I got an assignment for you”, she stated.

“Assignment?” I wondered. **When did I start embarking on assignments for the she-devil?**

“Yes, assignment”, she replied.

“Under whose command?” I asked.”Is my capone aware of this?”

“Ofcourse he is”, she answered.”And you will be leading the squad, with some members of your fraternity”.

“And the Executioner? What about him?”

“On the contrary my own Executioner will accompany you”

Then she introduced me to a busty but mean looking and ugly lady seated at the right front seat.She had her hair tied in a pony tail and I could see the tattoos on her neck.

“I don’t think I can do this.I can’t work for a woman”, I said and meant to open the door (to step out) and Isla shot me a desperate look.”Don’t underestimate me as a woman”, she spurted.”Remember I closed the case against you….and i can still reopen it”

At the mention of the case I hestitated with the car door.On seeing my reaction, she smiled,”That’s more like it”, she purred.”Moreover the pay is good”.

“But I thought we already had an agreement about gracing your bed”

“Look here Goodheart….I call the shots here, not you.I need you for this job.You’re a very smart guy”

I was bitterly angry at that moment and felt like strangling her, but I had to swallow my fury as I felt a burning and choking lump in my throat.

“So what is the mission?” I grumbled.

And Isla began to elaborate.She told me I was to lead a strike force which would intercept some money to be paid to a certain dealer.We were to wait for the payers to arrive the venue of the transaction where a package was to be exchanged for the money before we struck.And we were expected to quickly cater away with the money and and package, leaving the scene without any trace to us.But I had a question to ask her.

“What is this package?”

She smacked her lips looking away before she turned to face me.

“What do you think?” she retorted.

“I don’t know”, I replied.

“I thought you know about my business”

Ofcourse I did and i replied.”You run a prõstitution ring and….OMG!…Drugs!!”

“Is the package drug?” I asked

And she burst into laughter, so did her Executioner and the driver.Isla was pulling me into her drug business.And the capone was exploiting us as well (for his selfish gains) by allowing her make use of his men.Any attempt to revolt or report to the table of the Emerituses would be seen as mutiny.And they wouldn’t believe me over the capone whom they trust.What have i gotten myself into? Honestly I didn’t sign up for all these….the killings…the dangers and now drugs.

The Baroness seemed to read my thoughts and she said: “There is always a first time you know….and also you could make large bucks from this mission”.

“And what if I die?”

“You’re not that silly, are you?” she scoffed.”I know you’re very smart and you’ll pull this through.Think about the fame and money that’s going to come out of this”

“Damn the fame”, I mumbled

And she leaned closer to me almost whispering into my left ear,”Moreover if you pull this successfully, we are going to celebrate in a special way…you know what I mean”.

At that moment my eyes fell on her exposed b00bs which were popping out of her thin sleevless top.Those twin mounds were begging to be freed and despite my tension, my stubborn d!ck twitched.She noticed my gaze and poked my lips.

“Don’t ogle yet”, she purred,”Just pull this stunt without any hitches and they’ll be all yours” and she squeezed her right Bosom and continued: “Don’t forget I also want this”, she said grabbing my crotch and I slapped off her hand.

“Just give me the co-ordinates”, I growled.

And Isla took a pen and a writing pad and began to scribble into it.I watched her writing with her face looking stern and I wondered how that face which once looked seductive few seconds ago could transform all of a sudden into something hideous.

From the look of things, this was the first mission I was to captain (apart from my teenage days as a leader in the Lycans).I was definitely going to make it a clean job, probably make some cool dough and prepare by myself a gateway abroad.Recently my thoughts had been on that area.Atleast leaving the country will help me start a new life, owing to the fact that the whole fraternity stuff was becoming dangerous by the day.Through this same mission, I would prove I was truly qualified as a 2nd flight man in the brotherhood thereby earning the respect of the men since some have been bickering and questioning my sudden rise to power.

She had finished putting down the co-ordinates and gave it to me as I began studying it with rapt attention.

“Don’t make a mess of this”, she pleaded but I could detect a hint of warning in her voice.

“I’ll deliver as expected”, I growled and meant to step out of the car but she held me back.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked

“Something like what?”

“Come here you naughty boy”, she purred pulling me to her as she kissed me deeply.For that moment I forgot I was dining with a she-devil and I responded with hot kisses before she pulled my head lower for me to play with her round bossom and I nibbled the soft flesh of her breasts burying my face between her bust.She jerked ticklishly the moment I nibbled her nippIes through her blouse.

“Its owkayy…there’ll be time for that”, she chuckled pulling my head up and looked into my eyes.”Please don’t fail me”

“Consider it successful” I assured her before alighting from the car.And her wing guards stepped back into the car.With a swerve the Peugoet screeched away raising dust along the way as my house gate opened and Nkem peeped out not failing to notice the screeching car.Then she walked to me.

“Who was that?” she asked and i hid the co-ordinate behind me walking to meet her.

“Come let’s go inside”, I said holding her by the waist,” I have a lot to tell you”

And she giggled like a teenager smiling with glee as she expected a mind blowing gist from me.Ofcourse I was not going to tell anything concerning the ordeal with Isla or the misson.I had sworn to an oath…..An oath of secrecy with the brotherhood.That oath which i must keep sacred even at the point of death.

To Be Continued…

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