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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 36

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Five, read it HERE

Still that same day, my aunt kept wondering why her friend had left in such a manner.She asked me if I had any idea and I denied ever knowing why.So she put a call through to Miss Nemi, but the lady architect wasn’t close to her phone (as my aunty thought) or rather wouldn’t pick.At a point my aunt got tired of trying her number.I guessed had seen my aunt’s calls but refused to pick up.Probably she knew why my aunt was calling and didn’t want to talk about it.Somethings were better left unsaid….so they say.

By evening, I decided to call her, maybe try my luck.And to my utmost surprise she picked the phone but refused to say anything.

“Hello…hello”, I spoke into the phone, but her line remained static without her uttering a word.Then she cut the line.I tried two more times and the same process repeated itself; but on the third trial she spoke up:

“What do you want, you devil?” she asked.

“Just wanted to know if you’re fine”, I replied.

“And how do you expect me to be fine?”

“Ofcourse you….

“Are you aware you raped me?” she asked.

“Rape?” I wondered,”Baby how?”

“Yes you did.You f*cked me against my will”

Honestly i was astounded.”But that’s not true”, i replied.”You responded…Infact you liked it” and she cursed out in anger:

“Damn you bastãrd!”

I cackled into the phone.And she continued:

“What is it you want from me?” she asked

That question really got me at the edge.What did I really want from the caucasian lady? Deep down within me I sensed it was more than lust but I just couldn’t place what it was.Probably an obsession, I thought.

“Okay Miss Nemi I…..”

“Just leave me alone please I beg you.Stop making me feel guilty”


“No, you listen”, she cut me off (she was sobbing)”I don’t know what is happening, and I can’t seem to resist you.So please let me be.Let’s not do this anymore….please!” and she cut the call.I tried calling her back, but to no avail.She never picked after that..Then I became sure she was fighting something within herself.I had felt her melt the moment I held her b00bs, and the attempted slap was just a decoy to hide her emotions.Well…it was all a matter of time and the ice would break.The die was already cast.

My new position in the brotherhood was more of reconnaissance and I was in charge of classified information making into the fraternity.Owing to my intelligence and versatility, I carried everyone under me along, to the pleasure of the Emerituses.And i hardly attended lectures anymore but my academics was no longer suffering as our member lecturers were given the order to step up my grades in their respective courses.Things could never seem better.

Two months went by and I sailed on without any hitches till on the third month when a shocking news hit me.One of my scouts in the brotherhood informed me that the last hit we carried out in Owerri had been compromised.Actually the police had got information concerning two of the cars with which we traveled that very day.One of the cars was the Toyota Camry I drove (my aunt’s car).What baffled me was how they had got the information or who informed them.According to one of our sources inside the Nigerian Police Force, we learnt that the case of the hit had been transferred to the Rivers State CID.All it would take was a matter of time and the Camry would be traced to me.And my aunt would hate me for it.Imagine using her car for criminal purposes….damn! Even her husband would make sure I get arrested.Moreover the police won’t spare me and i would bag a jail term once the law caught up with me.Without being told, I knew i was in deep soup.

For two days i was restless…I couldn’t eat nor sleep as I awaited my ill fate.At that point I began to see my world crashing on me.I could see the inevitable end looming in sight.But as fate would have it, a call came in on a particular day and changed everything.That single call turned events the other way round….I mean virtually everything and leading me into more shît.

On that particular day I sat at the backlawn of the house pondering on how to escape the uneven tide when my phone rang.It was an unknown number when I looked at my screen and I picked.

“Hello”, I growled

“Helloww”, a sweet but farmiliar female voice replied.

“Errm….who’s this?” I asked.

And the lady laughed sexily into the phone.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten so soon”, she purred.And then it occurred to me….

“Isla”, I exclaimed,”Is this Isla?”.

“Yeah….been a while now”

“How did you get my number?” I asked.

And she chuckled,”A golden fish has no hiding place”, she said.

Ofcourse she was correct.As a 2nd Flight man of a brotherhood, I was now as popular as you can think of.So it wasn’t difficult getting my number.

Isla told me she had heard about the situation on ground and was ready to help me out of the case.

“Seriously…how?” I asked impatiently.

“Heyyy relax”, she replied.”I have to pull some strings with my father’s influence and a few connections”

“Oh thanks Isla.You’re an angel”.

“But there’s a condition attached”

“And what is it?” I asked.

She paused for a while before she said it:

“I need you to grace my bed whenever I want”

“What?” I exclaimed.I was bashed by her demand.This could bring a clash between she and Kemi (Kemi was also a mean bîtch by the way).

“Deal or no deal?” she asked.Honestly it was a difficult one for me, but I had to make a choice.My life depended on it.

“Yes….it’s a deal”, I replied reluctantly as she gigled seductively into the phone.


Just as Isla had promised, the investigations died down after pulling some of her strings; and the police was no longer on my trail.While she expected me to keep my own part of the bargain (no wahala).It was during that same period Lady Ema returned from one of her trips abroad and demanded to see me.

“I miss you sugar” she purred into the phone that particular evening as we talked.She told me how she had missed the good moments between us and had decided to cut her trip short and come back to see me.She had arrived Port Harcourt early in the morning.

“Can you come over to the house?”, she asked.

I pretended to be contemplating on my reply and she pleaded: “C’mon baby….please” and I obliged, smiling within.I was revelling in the fact that she missed me.

“Okay dear”, I replied.”Expect me in 30 minutes” and I dropped the phone to get prepared.

It didn’t surpass 30 minutes and I was already knocking on her gate.

“Who be that?” I heard Yessouf the gateman ask from inside and he came to peep through the peep hole.

“Kai oga na you?”, he beamed,”Long time?” and he opened the gate ushering me into the serene compound.As usual, I pressed some currency notes into his hands and he hailed at me as I walked towards the house, not failing to notice the strange SUV parked beside Lady Ema’s Lexus.Probably she wasn’t the ony one at home, i thought.On getting to the patio of the house, I pressed the doorbell once and the door didn’t waste time to fly open as Lady Ema stood at the doorway looking ravishing as ever, and the sweet scent of her perfume hit my nostrils.

She had her hair in long tiny braids, wearing a Polo shirt and bum shorts which revealed her fleshy succulent thighs.And her full bossom looked firm as usual.She dived at me in an embrace the moment she opened the door.

“Ohh I missed you baby”, she heaved as her b00bs massaged my chest.

She ushered me into the house and I stepped into the sitting room to find an unfamiliar lady seated on one of the cushions.

“Meet my friend Mrs.Ita”, Lady Ema introduced her friend to me.And I shook hands with the woman who seemed not to be interested in the introduction and I took the seat opposite her.

Mrs Ita seemed to be around the same age bracket as Lady Ema, but was more beautiful, sexier and chubby with a lovely bulgy eyes.She had full racks on her chest and a girlish voice.Infact she was drop-dead-gorgeous and looked stinking rich from her appearance (a high brow babe or woman).Mrs.Ita sat directly opposite me fiddling with her phone with her thighs slightly parted, and I could see her inner thighs and a glimpse of her panties.She seemed to care less about her seating position till she finally stood up heading to the wine bar.That was when I noticed her huge behind….Oh my God!….She was heavy at the rear.Even heavier than Lady Ema.And her bakassi rolled and dropped without mercy as she walked.For a second I stared agape, and she turned back as I quickly took my eyes away.

All these while Lady Ema was at the kitchen cooking, before she walked back into the sitting room.

“Hope you know you’re gonna spend the night?” she asked me.I was about replying her when she cut in: “Don’t even say no”, she stated.And I shrugged in agreement.Afterall I had told my folks back at home that I was going to study over night with a friend.I had learnt to cover my tracks before making a move.

Soon Lady Ema returned to the sitting room with food for her friend and herself.

“Yours is in my room upstairs”, she informed me as I left her behind with her friend, heading for her room.That night she came into her room (after shower) and urged me to f*ck her brains out; and we had a hot round of s*x which left her gasping for breath.

The next morning, Lady Ema woke me very early with a kiss and I stirred awake to find her dressed up.She told me she was to meet one of her business partners at her beauty parlour.And promised to come back as soon as possible.

“Feel free in my house”, she said,”You can also use the kitchen if you want”

With that she blew me a kiss and stepped out, swaying her big bottom.

I lay back in bed for some minutes before I felt natures call to pee.So I stepped out of bed and left the room, passing by the visitors room to notice its door slightly ajar.There were soft movements coming from inside the room and I wondered who could be inside (having in mind that i was the only one in the house).So I went closer to have a look and……OMG!…….What my eyes saw left me astounded as my jaw dropped in bewilderment.

To Be Continued…

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