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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 35

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Four, read it HERE

We drove seperately along the way so as not to arouse suspicion.By the next one hour, we were along Port Harcourt / Owerri road almost close to the border between the two states.But there was a slight hitch….The police check point at Elele community could pose a great threat to us.So the capone called each car informing us to act naturally and pass out some money (that is egunje) to the policemen.But he warned that the bribe money shouldn’t be too large so as not to raise unnecessary dust.And we were free to engage them in a fire combat if events go sour (this one got my heart sinking) since we were better armed.No thanks to our sponsors abi na Patrons as we dey call them.

When we got to the check point, it was a pair of police officers on duty and they looked worn out (maybe from night patrol) and they just opened their hands and collected the #200 note i stashed to them.The same applied to my colleagues and that was how we succesfully scaled through.Only if those officers knew the damges their bribe collection had caused.In no time we arrived Owerri and headed straight to the off campus sites of IMSU (the school doesn’t have hostels inside).Actually we were making our way to a place called Bishop’s court behind IMSU.And this place was a den for frat members of all sort, stretching all the way to Owerri club area (for those who know Owerri very well)..This areas were a no go area for the lilly livered.But on that morning by 9:00 am, we stormed it, taking our adversaries by sudden.

As i came to learn in the brotherhood, SURPRISE was a key element to distabilizing an enemy.On getting to Bishop’s court, we split ourselves to the different hostels housing our adversaries and suddenly the whole place went agog with gunshots.For some reasons i will cut off the gory details because this work was meant to pass a lesson and not to extol Fraternism.
But let it be known that some of us fell that day.

Our hosts or rather enemies put up a good fight as students scampered in different directions screaming to safety.I and my group had taken over one the hostels but the assailants kept firing back at us and preventing us from climbing further up the stairs.Behind was the Executioner who felt we were cutting liver and the fearless dude found his way infront and we took sheild behind him.One thing was certain….the Executioner was fearless because he was jazzed up.We knew bullets couldn’t penetrate his body the same goes for the Capone and some other hideous members of the brotherhood.Being in the ‘Game’ as they call it, took a lot of diabolical insurance (for those who can).And so it was impossible to be the fraternity’s Executioner without being jazzed up.Except the Executioner wished to die like a village fowl.So with the fearless Executioner infront we succeeded in raising the hostel,and stepping onto the last floor which had blood spilled allover with helpless guys writhing on the ground with gunshot wounds (as they begged for dear life) even some dead, and i passed an open room, that was when a strong unfriendly hand pulled me inside.

The person, who ever it was, had noticed i was alone on that spot as the others had scattered all over the hostel.And he gripped my neck from behind trying to crack my cervical bone as i struggled to free myself from his grasp, throwing my shot gun to the ground.His grip was so strong and he seemed to be huge.Then the capone’s words flashed into my mind….”NOT EVERYONE WILL RETURN” and i made up my mind that if i was to die, i would atleast see the face of my killer.That thought alone spurred me on and i kicked back (with my right leg) into the crotch of my assailant and he quickly let go of me groaning in livid pain and i pulled my pistol from behind and fired at him twice…..One on his left shoulder, the other on his right thigh (he screamed).I had no intention of killing anyone.Afterall i hadn’t bargained for all these.
I only joined the fraternity to protect myself from Frank and his group.

My guys heard the resounding shot and rushed into the place to find the fair huge guy lying helpessly on the ground and the Executioner looked at me.

“That’s the capone we were looking for”, he growled.

For the first time, the cold hearted Executioner was speaking to me.And i knew i had just achieved a great feat by bringing down the enemy capone.Instantly a call was put through to our capone and the sporadic shooting within the vicinity ceased.I think he had ordered for a cease fire.Within minutes he arrived the hostel (though the others were still keeping the other hostels on lock down) and we made way for him.

The injured frat leader was still writhing on the floor in a pool of his own blood, begging for his life.”Please i need a doctor”, he pleaded.Then the capone squatted before him looking into his weary face.

“This was how my cousin Henry begged for his life to be spared”, he said “Did you have to kill him?” and the bleeding man broke into spurts of tears.

To an extent i knew the capone was taking the mission personal because Henry was his cousin but who were we to query his authority.Without saying much to the bleeding man Sloane, our capone pointed his blood thirsty pistol at him and fired once splattering the man’s brains on the ground as some of us turned our faces away from the gory sight.Then the capone turned to face us.

“Who brought the idiot down?” he asked and the Executioner pointed at me as the capone now stared at me.

“I always knew you were meant for this”, he stated,”And i’ll make sure your name gets to the table of Emeritus and Patrons.Its not easy to get a capone down”

With that we all left the vicinity as the other men were called back to our position.We had succeeded in creating hell in that place, and on that day 4 of us fell (and were left behind) including Muzy and Skonto my close pals.Like we would say,”Their ship had sailed”.And In all these while, i had seen a lot of death and had learnt to console myself.

**** 3 days later ****

Just as the capone had said, my name was taken to the table of the Emeritus (Ex-Capones) and Patrons.And by their order, i was elevated to the position of 2nd Flight man.A second right hand man to the capone and subordinate to Fly who was the 1st Flight man.This meant that i had the opportunity of becoming the capone someday, after the reign of Fly who must have taken over from Sloane in the future.

On that particular day of my promotion, i had returned home from the promtion party quite high on booze and walked in to meet Miss Nemi sitted on the couch watching TV.She was as pretty as always, dressed in a gray (longsleeve) knee length gown with a large belt which pushed up her bossoms.And had her auburn hair tied in a pony tail.She looked extremely attractive.I greeted her but she mumbled a reply without even looking at me, and i smiled.Ever since the last time we had s*x in her house, she had been avoiding me and my calls.I knew she was feeling guilty for sleeping me. She was the only one in the sitting room when i walked in.And i meant to touch her and she held my hand.

“Please…don’t” she stated.And i let her be, walking into the house.

As i got into my room, Nkem came in and gave me a hug (I had apologized to her earlier and we were now good).She told me Nemi and aunt Steph came in together, but aunt Steph had gone out to pick Victor from school so Nemi had to wait behind.

“You smell of booze”, she added patting me on the buttocks.”Go have your shower while i go get some groceries with Yemisi across the road”, and she left my room.

Then an idea occured to me.If Nkem left the house with Yemisi, it would be only I and Miss Nemi that would be left at home.So i waited patiently.

I could now hear Nkem and Yemisi chattering away as they left the compound and i tip-toed downstairs to go be with Miss Nemi but she was not in the sitting room.Then i heard the flushing sound coming from the visitors toilet and waited patiently by the door (she had gone to ease herself).She opened the door and jerked with surprise on seeing me suddenly and she comported herself and meant to walk pass and i held her by the arm.

“Have you no respect?” she asked sternly.

I was perplexed by her attitude.This was the same woman who let me make love to her in her house.

“Baby what’s wrong?” i asked

“Don’t call me that.I ain’t your baby”.

“Then what about what we shared?”

“Look youngman, that was a mistake” she spat avoiding my eyes.

Something told me she was feeling me but her attitude was just her last line of defence because she held some regrets and didn’t want to fall cheap.As she talked, her bulbous breasts bounced and my hands shot to them and squeezed; and she pushed my hands away and meant to strike me for touching her b00bs but i held both of her hands in the air.In a bid to free herself from my grasp she turned her back to me, nudging me away with her soft buttocks and i pushed her to the wall pinning her both hands on the wall.

While i held her in that position, my left index finger moved beneath her gown and moved into her thighs and she groaned in resistance.My finger easily delved under her panties and found its way into her sweet coochie.It was wet and warm.The lady wanted me all along.She had gotten aroused by the love-and-fight play.My finger went to work immediately and she moaned as her resistance began to subside.There was no time and my aunt or Nkem would soon be back, so i lifted the hem of her gown up her waist, shifted her panties and nestled my c0ck at the entrance of her pusse and she pleaded softly

“Please don’t, i beg you”, and i drove in my c0ck roughly into her and she squirmed in a lovely manner.Instantly my d!ck began to blast her hard and she forgot all her resentment…..forgot all about her pride and resistance and began to moan lavishly, supporting herself on the wall with her hands (which wanted to hit me earier) as she began to push her Buttocks back to me, spreading her legs further apart.

I held her waist and pummeled harder and she lifted her hips standing on her toes and shamelessly urged me to f*ck her harder.Ofcousre i did and she writhed her waist crying out loud,”Ohh ayy baby, i just can’t resist you….i hate myself for this” as i banged her on and on and on.Soon her moans became like an orchestrated tune, rising and falling and accompanied with series of “ooooh” and “ahhhhh”.Then i felt her legs shaking, with her bakassi vibrating (holy lawd!) and she whimpered like she was possessed as her orgasm hit her.Her hands began to slide down the wall owing to exhaustion and i didn’t stop.Rather i pumped some more deadly strokes at her center of gravity and she shook violently again as her pusse clenched over my shaft and i pulled out of her coochie and sprayed my goo over her bubble Buttocks before giving her a light spank.She just leaned there on the wall, gasping for air.

“Tissue please” she muttered.

And i went into the toilet to get her the tissue and i meant to wipe her myself but she snatched it from me eyeing me.

“I guess you’ve got what you wanted”, she said adjusting her panties.And we heard a car horn outside.That was my aunt driving in.Then Miss Nemi did something that surprised me.

She walked to her seat and picked up her bag and i rushed to her.

“Don’t leave, your friend is back”, i pleaded and she wrenched my hand away sobbing slightly.I felt so bad.She was angry at herself for not being able to resist me and f*cking me for the second time.

“Please let me go”, she insisted dragging her bag from me and rushed outside.

I heard my aunt call Miss Nemi severally and she said something about an emergency at the office and got into her car and zoomed off.Never was my aunt aware i was the cause of her friend’s condition.

Walking back to my room, i fell back to the bed beaming with smiles.I had just left an impression on Miss Nemi.I had dominated her sexually and she was now a slave to her feelings for me…But wait.Hope she wasn’t getting all affectionate.I had noticed her trying to surpress more than a sexual urge.Well, time shall tell.And i took in a deep breath filling fulfiled.Everything seemed to be going on fine.I was now the 2nd Flight man in the brotherhood.A position even those before me hadn’t achieved.A position that ascertained that the Emerituses and Patrons would secure a good job for me after school.I thought it was a sign of better things to come.Little did i know it would spell doom ahead of time…..Little did i know!

To Be Continued…

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