-My Distraction (Season 2) 18+

Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+) Part 34

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Three, read it HERE

I headed into the free way heading towards NTA road where the capone’s house was located.As i drove that twilight morning, i noticed the road was devoid of people, say for the early morning preachers and club girls returning from the raunch of the previous night.And my phone was buzzing frantically….this time it was the boss himself, forcing me to speed like hell.At my speed, it didn’t take long before i got the gate which flew open with Muzy and Metex holding the gate wide open for me to drive in.It was already 5:06 am when i arrived.

“Baba waz up?” i asked Muzy extending a handshake to him and Metex.

“Capo dey para, big time”, came Metex’s reply.And we walked into the house.

The capone was seated at the middle of a circle of stern looking fraternity squad.Beside him was the Executioner with a tooth pick in his mouth (that early morning?).The place was dimly lit with a weak gas lantern which stood by the corner of the spacious sitting room, but i didn’t fail to notice the heap of guns of all sort lying on the tiled floor.It seems our patrons finally assisted us, i thought.Everyone turned to look at me the monent i stepped in.

“Bros you don try”, the capone growled.

I genuflected on my right knee (with my head down) in obesience to the angry capone.

“Boss i’m sorry”, i pleaded,”The message arrive late for my phone”.

He didn’t say a word for some seconds before he said something that hit me.

“It is your duty as a soul brother to be deligent even till a day like this which could be your last”. Then he ordered me to rise up, gesturing me to a space that had been left for me and addressed the brotherhood as a whole.

“Today some will fall, blood will spill.But let us not forget that we are soul brothers.And so we must keep alive the memory of all those who will not make it back home.”

As he spoke on, his words sent a dark chill around the room, causing my mind to slowly drift away to Timi and Henry.Truly as the boss had said, some will join these fallen brothers on their paths to the great beyond.And right there i knew there was a possibilty of me never making it back home.But it was too late to back out.I was bounded by an oath and there was nothing i could do about it….Then i heard the capone say “A moment silence for our fallen brother Henry” and every one stood up in utter silence.Afterwhich the capone broke the silence by telling everyone to pick their choice weapons, and i picked the black Shot Gun (Pump Action) which was my best because of its decisive hits.I loaded my pistol and tucked it back in place before loading the shot gun.Soon we were ready to leave and five of us hopped into my aunt’s car while the others did the same with the other 6 cars parked outside the compound.We left Port Harcourt that morning by 6:30 am heading to the capital of The Eastern Heartland with raw vengeance in our veins.

To Be Continued…

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