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Must Read: My Distraction… Season 2 (18+)… Part 33

A story written by Goodheart ([email protected], Whatsapp/phone: 08067537202)… If you missed Part Thirty Two, read it HERE

***2 days later**

The capone sat under the moonlight, on his car trunk, staring vaguely into thin air.Only a silhouette of him could be made out from afar as his cigarette light crimsoned and disappeared while he smoked away his worries.He was alone and lost in thoughts when i and Fly walked to him and he heard the rustling leaves crunching under our feet (as we stepped on it) and swiftly pulled and pointed his pistol at us.His action reminded me of cowboys.

“Boss easy, na we”, i said as we lifted our hands above our heads.

He gently lowered his gun and put it back in place.

“Why una sneak up on me like that?” he queried,”What if say i light una?”

“You no fit make that kind mistake naa”, Fly replied.And the capone drew in a puff of cigarette.

“Wetin una get for me?” he asked in hoarse voice.

“Boss we got fresh intel on Henry’s killers” i said.

He instantly hopped down the car trunk and threw his cigarette to the ground, crushing it.He had been waiting for this information desparately.

“You mean am?”

“Yes boss!”

(His bloodshot eyes was hovering from me to Fly)

“Who the monkey dem be?” he asked in a hoarse but firm voice, and i told him.He couldn’t believe his ears.

“F*ck up!” he growled deeply, his face contorting with rage.

Actually, Henry’s killers were members of a different fraternity from Imo State university.The fraternity had once had a slight misunderstanding with us in the past concerning which group would act as the middle men when it came to delivering packages to some prominent men in the South-East.Eventually our brotherhood got the contract with the aid of Isla, and since then the agrieved fraternity held us in contempt.Murdering Henry, the capone’s cousin was a height of the cold war between us and we were not willing to let it go.Then the capone said in the most dreadful voice:

“Fly get the guys ready.We are storming Owerri tomorrow”. With that, we exchanged our insignia handshake and left the spot, while his car screeched away into the night.

***The next morning***

The beeping phone beside me startled me awake from sleep and i stretched lazily for it.It was a message from KK the Executioner which said all members of the brotherhood should meet at the capone’s place by 5:00 am.I looked up at the clock on the wall and it was 4:00 am.I had just one hour to prepare myself, so i got up swiftly and pulled my pistol from beneath the bed and ducked it under my pillow before and bolting off to have my shower.I was coming out from the bathroom when i met Nkem coming out of my room.She stopped immediately she saw me.I hoped she hadn’t seen the pistol under my pillow.

“I came to check on you”, she stated noticing the towel around my waist.Then she asked,”Are you going somewhere?”

“Yeah”, i replied observing her reaction to see if she had seen the pistol.But on the contrary, i don’t think the Nkem i know would keep mute if she saw as much as a knife, talkless of a gun.So i calmed down.

“But it’s still dark”, she complained.”It’s just past 4:00 a.m you know”

I walked passed her and entered my room and she followed me, circling her arms around me from behind.

“I just wanna be with you”, she whined

“That can’t be possible dear”, i replied loosening the towel around me.

“But why?”

“As you can see, i’m going somewhere.And i’m already late”.

She left me and stepped back to sit on the bed, leaning with her hands behind her, with a sad look on her face.She watched me pace up and down Unclad (with her eyes fixed on my crotch), then she adjusted her hands on the bed as her left hand nudged the pillow covering the pistol…my heart skipped.

“But what’s so important about this place, to make you leave so early.You haven’t left this early before”

(i was now sliding on my boxers)

“That’s true baby”, i said “But i have this important test by 6:00 am”.

“Test…i don’t believe you!”

She made to carry the pillow…my heart sunk.I had to do something fast.

“So i’m now a liar!”, i spurted feigning anger and she let the pillow go, surprised at my sudden outburst; and i continued,”It’s okay…so much for your love and trust for me” and i walked to the wardrobe picking out a shirt.She felt sorry for doubting me, then she stood up and walked to me, throwing her arms around my neck.I stopped to look at her.

“I’m sorry baby”, she pleaded.”Ofcourse i trust you” and she kissed me deeply.That was when my phone rang again.I gestured her to get it for me and she brought the phone which had Toby’s number on the screen.I was running late and they were probably expecting me.I didn’t pick the call, but let it ring out and hastened with my shirt, while Nkem leaned on the wardrobe door watching me.

In no time i was done and ready to go.But there was a problem….my pistol was still under the pillow (i needed to pick it) and Nkem was not ready to leave, and i couldn’t wait for her to go because i was already running late.So i deviced a plan.I knew she was temperamental, so i had to get her upset so she would stomp out of my room.

“Your presence is inconviniencing me”, i stated.Her face creased instantly.

“Sorry…what did you say?”

I repeated myself, but this time with much indignancy and she cocked her head to one side.

“Did you just say that?” her British was now glorified.

“I need some privacy please!”

“How dare you talk to me in that manner? she blasted “Have i become that cheap to you?”.

“Whatever, i just need some privacy” i insisted.

“Oh my God! What am i even doing here? I knew you were going to see some other girl”, she lashed out.”Come to think of the fact i was falling in love with you.You know what…f*ck you!!” and she stomped out of my room as i had expected.I felt a pang of guilt for upsetting her unnecessarily.I had just made her look like she was a pest to me and i was almost tempted to run after her, but got a hold of myself.’I’m sorry Nkem’ i thought ” You won’t understand even if i told you”.Anyway all i had to do was to apologize to her once i get back. Walking to the bed, i pulled out the pistol from beneath the pillow and stuck it behind, under my shirt and i left the room.

My aunt was not around (she had traveled with Adaora) and i needed one of her cars inorder to meet up with time.So i went into her room and picked up the keys to her Toyota Camry and dashed out.As i stepped downstairs, i met Yemisi coming out of her room (on her way to the kitchen) with a flimsy nightgown which caught my fancy.She seemed to notice me staring and wiggled her fat butt provocatively.

“Goodmorning sir”, she greeted sexily as i watched her booty roll under her short nightie.I could swear she wore no panties from the way her buttocks jiggled with each step she took, then she disappeared into the kitchen.This lady was asking for my attention and i couldn’t afford to put her on my f*ck list as well.Then i looked at my watch…4:48 a.m it said.Well, i had something important to attend to; maybe Yemisi’s case will come up later.

I stepped out of the house and got to the parking lot.

“Adamu open the gate!” i hollered at the the gateman who scampered to the gate, while i got into the car.Starting the Camry’s powerful 2AZFE engine, i zoomed off into the twilight.

To Be Continued…

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